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UjENA FIT Club Steve Gilbert Best Performances (All Time)

Results for: All Time · Masters: 60-69 · 70+ · Running Performance Summary

Top 25 reported finish times for selected distances. (Click here for Top 10). Post Your Race Results to be included.
UjENA FIT Club Member Race Results · Steve Gilbert Profile · Steve Gilbert Race Results · Steve Gilbert Top 100 Age-Graded Race Times

PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Ball State Homecoming 5KOct 32015Steve Gilbert7024:46.7
2Beyond the Badge 5KSep 202015Steve Gilbert7025:21.6
3Brook 5kJul 42015Steve Gilbert7025:22
4Spark! 5KJun 232021Steve Gilbert7625:43
5Jim's Journey 5KSep 262015Steve Gilbert7025:59
6Call me Al 5KAug 32019Steve Gilbert7426:11.6
7Zero Prostate Cancer 5KOct 52013Steve Gilbert6826:29
8One America 500 festival mini marathon and 5KMay 62017Steve Gilbert7126:34
9Ghost and Goblins 5KOct 262013Steve Gilbert6826:37
10Indy MiniMay 42019Steve Gilbert7326:50
11PBT series Jul 42020Steve Gilbert7526:55
12Spark Fishers 5KJun 292019Steve Gilbert7427:05
13Monumental Marathon, Half, 5KNov 52016Steve Gilbert7127:11
14Indianapolis Half Marathon and 5KOct 22021Steve Gilbert7627:14
15Great North 5KMar 92019Steve Gilbert7327:19.6
16Polar Bear 5KFeb 152020Steve Gilbert7427:30
17Beyond the Badge 5KSep 212014Steve Gilbert6927:41.6
18Great Prostate Cancer ChallengeSep 192009Steve Gilbert6427:46
19Strides over Stigma 5KOct 122019Steve Gilbert7427:49.2
20Resolution 5KDec 312016Steve Gilbert7127:59
21Donut 5KDec 182021Steve Gilbert7628:03
22Donut 5KDec 192020Steve Gilbert7528:10
23Race to remember Sep 172022Steve Gilbert7728:16.3
24Turtle TrotMay 122012Steve Gilbert6628:20
25America's Turkey TrotNov 252020Steve Gilbert7528:23
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Great Prostate Cancer ChallengeSep 242011Steve Gilbert6651:38
2Race around the ReservoirMay 162015Steve Gilbert6954:14
3Monumental MarathonNov 22013Steve Gilbert6854:45
4500 Festival training seriesMar 92013Steve Gilbert6755:33
5Carmel Marathon WeekendApr 32021Steve Gilbert7557:30
6PBT 10K, half, fullNov 72020Steve Gilbert7557:58
7Monumental 10KOct 12022Steve Gilbert7758:47
8PBT 10K/10 mileOct 172020Steve Gilbert7501:00:58
9Polar Bear 5K and 10K and doubleFeb 192022Steve Gilbert7601:07:35
10Indy Polar BearFeb 242024Steve Gilbert7801:11:05
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Double Road Race Overland ParkJun 302013Steve Gilbert681:24:45
1/2 Marathon
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Indianapolis Monumental MarathonNov 72015Steve Gilbert7001:56:23
2Indianapolis Monumental MarathonNov 22013Steve Gilbert6801:58:56
3Indy "500" Festival Mini-MarathonMay 251984Steve Gilbert381:59:33
4"500" Festival Mini-MarathonMay 42013Steve Gilbert671:59:58
5Indianapolis Monumental MarathonNov 32012Steve Gilbert672:02:18
6Race Around the ReservoirMay 182013Steve Gilbert672:02:33
7Beyond Monumental Nov 42017Steve Gilbert7202:06:38
8Indianapolis Monumental MarathonOct 282023Steve Gilbert7802:12:09
9Indianapolis Monumental MarathonNov 52022Steve Gilbert7702:16:09
10Race Around the ReservoirMay 192012Steve Gilbert662:18:11
11Mill RaceSep 232023Steve Gilbert7802:18:53
12Rock the ParkwayApr 112015Steve Gilbert6902:20:20
13Indy 500 Mini MarathonMay 72022Steve Gilbert7602:20:40
14Race Around the ReservoirMay 212011Steve Gilbert6502:21:32
15Indianapolis Half MarathonOct 72017Steve Gilbert7202:24:03
16Candy Cane Lane HalfDec 42021Steve Gilbert7602:24:40
17Indianapolis Monumental MarathonNov 72019Steve Gilbert7402:28:33
18Sam Costa Half & Quarter Mar 232023Steve Gilbert7702:30:26
19Hospital Hill half marathonJun 32023Steve Gilbert7702:33:04
20indianapolis MarathonOct 152011Steve Gilbert662:35:21
21Sam CostaMar 262022Steve Gilbert7602:43:31
22Race Around the ReservoirMay 222010Steve Gilbert6402:45:00
PosNameDateYearRunner NameAgeTime
1Indianapolis Monumental MarathonNov 12014Steve Gilbert6905:06:40
2Boston Marathon Apr 172023Steve Gilbert7705:11:34
3Carmel MarathonApr 92022Steve Gilbert7605:38:38
4Indianapolis Monumental MarathonNov 52011Steve Gilbert666:22:20
Double Road Race