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UjENA FIT Club 100 Running and Racing Photo Galleries

Best Road Races and the UjENA FIT Club is going to feature 100 photo galleries which we feel will entertain and inspire you.   

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Tokyo Japan Double Racing Festival Feb 27
21 photos. Posted Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
The third Double Running event in Japan was held Feb 28, 2016.  Start and finish was at the stadium.  The next Double in Japan... View Gallery
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Palo Alto 8k Double Adventure Run 2016
126 photos. Posted Sunday, March 13th, 2016
March 13, 2016 was the second annual Baylands 8k Double Adventure Run in Palo Alto.  Photos by Catherine Cross for Double Runner magazine and... View Gallery
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Palo Alto CA 8k Double Adventure Run 2016
18 photos. Posted Monday, March 14th, 2016
The 2nd Annual Baylands 8k Double Adventure Run held in Palo Alto California March 13, 2016 was a fun wet event.  As much rain... View Gallery
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Baylands Palo Alto 8k Double Adventure Run Mar 13, 2016
78 photos. Posted Sunday, March 13th, 2016
There were lots of puddles and water but all in all it was a fun morning of double running in Palo Alto.  This was... View Gallery

UjENA FIT Club Photo Gallery · Kauai Half Marathon 2012

W I D E   V I E W
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kauai_half_marathon f 8064

Kauai Half Marathon 2012

This was the 4th annual Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon.  These photos are from half marathon.  This was Bob Anderson's 34th race of the year.  He finished first in his division 60-64 in 1:37.  The highight of the day was when Tyler McCandless finished first in the marathon.  He ran 2:23:52 on a tough course and under some challening conditions.  "This is a great event and it is so well organized.  You have to put this one on your bucket list more than once," says Bob Anderson.  Photos by Catherine Cross

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