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Gerry Elemento UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Member NameGerry Elemento
LocationUnited States
Years Running
Max Distance10 miles 
Fastest Mile10:00 min per mile 
Current Mile10 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://
Fitness StatementI started running last Sept of 2011 but before that, I started hiking and walking back in summer of 2010. On weekdays, I run on trail near my house and on weekends, I run Campbel Park. I like to start early on weekends at 5:30 am and weekdays is kinda hard because of work so my wife and I go around 6 pm/ 
Quote“"Nothing great happens when you hold back!"” 
Running AchievementsI have personal achievements. First off, is my health is way better than when I started 2010. I lost 25 lbs since then. I stopped using CPAP Machine for 6 months now (I used them for 10 yrs) and my sleep apnea is gone now. 

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Gerry ElementoSan Juan Bautista 9/28/13Double Road Race102901:16:1236170.00results
Gerry ElementoSan Jose 8/24/13Double Road Race48701:25:26158100.00results
Gerry ElementoSan Jose 2/22/14Double Road Race7501:22:1890100.00results
Gerry ElementoPacific Grove 5/11/14Double Road Race167301:19:2992100.00results
Gerry ElementoSan Jose 8/23/14Double Road Race9501:24:49135100.00results


UjENA FIT Club Posts

Saturday, April 5th, 2014
Post Image

Getting ready for Mt. Diablo 10k event in 2 weeks :-) 6.22 mi / 1:04:59....I think I made some progress from the last time :-)

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Post Image

Legs feeling great after resting for 5 days. Run 6.2 mi @ 00:58:38 in Campbell Park. Did 15 minutes walk before and after.

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
Post Image

burned over 2700 calories on a 16.5 mile ride @ Mc Crary Trail/UCSC Trail by Santa Cruz. From 43 ft altitude to 1153 ft. altitude!

run You better watch out the Mountain Bike world is going to steal you from the running world. Very impressive Gerry!
Kelly Van Zant Maine 3/23/14 9:09 pm
Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
Post Image

Trail run @ Fremont Older.....few more weeks before my first Brazen Racing for 2014....from 12:31 min/mile 8 days ago to 11:03 min/mile.....need to go below 10 min/mile and i will be a happy trail runner :-D

run Great workout Gerry. Very impressed.....a minute and half faster in just 8 days. You'll be on the Brazen Racing Podium for awards for trail running. Happy Trail Running.
Kelly Van Zant Maine 3/20/14 9:20 pm
Monday, March 17th, 2014
Post Image

did a stationary run for 3o mins while watching tv and finished it off with 3 sets of 15 reps each on my 15lbs dumbell to focus on my triceps, biceps and shoulder....don't want them to get too big that's why I only use 15 lbs :-)

Saturday, March 15th, 2014
Post Image

Did a total of 6 miles at the trail. The first 3 was with the mask set at 3k feet and the next 3 was without and there's a time difference.....thanks to Bob for that extra push :-)

run Thanks Gerry for your support. I did smile big as I crossed the finish line, and tried to have good form for that stretch of 5 feet. Sounds like you has a great workout. Happy running and biking!
Kelly Van Zant Maine 3/17/14 12:11 am
Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
Post Image

WHEW...That was one tough run!!! I know I didn't push hard but men..I time my very first trail run of this year...10k - 1:19:48 on a 1158ft Max. Altitude by Fremont Older

run That sounds like a tough run!!
Bob Anderson 3/13/14 3:49 pm
Monday, March 10th, 2014
Post Image

did 11 mile on my mtn bike today...from 201ft to 1053ft altitude....in the process, I got a rear flat tire in the middle of the trail...on the way home to pick up my son, I rewarded myself with pizza :-D

On Wednesday, I will run Fremont Older Trail and use it as my baseline to see my progress :-)

run Nice altitude gain and well deserved Pizza! Have fun at Fremont Older.
Kelly Van Zant Maine 3/11/14 7:40 pm
Sunday, March 9th, 2014
Post Image

I welcomed the longer days by taking it slow today...Wifey and I went 6mi hiking to the very first place that we hiked 3 yrs ago....When you slow things down, you get to appreciate the things around you specially the one whose walking next to you

run Glad to have the longer days too!
Bob Anderson 3/10/14 8:43 am
Friday, March 7th, 2014
Post Image

Rode my bike for 14 miles to Fremont Older..this time, I set my gear into semi-granny on uphill...now my thigh is paying for it :-D

run Great effort Gerry.....I'm sure it was semi-pro on the uphill! You are inspiring me to get out and bike those hills as well as run and hike!!! Happy Hills
Kelly Van Zant Maine 3/7/14 3:41 pm
run Thanks Kelly.....i would say...go for it!!! :-) i saw the benefits when I included riding bike on my weekly exercise....my legs feels a lot stronger and my cardio has improved too along with my training mask that i used while riding my bike uphill and its set at 3k elevation ft :-D
Gerry Elemento 3/7/14 4:53 pm
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runnerIs it Saturday yet?
Gerry Elemento 8/22/14 8:24 am
runnerJust think, in 24 hours from right now we will be starting the second leg of both Doubles. The weather is suppose to be perfect!!! See you soon!
Bob Anderson 8/22/14 9:14 am
reply to comment
runnerI can't train on Sundays for the SJ Double but who want's to meet up this Saturday with my daughter, 7:30 am @ RRS Campbell parking lot do to the last run (6mi / 45 mins break/ 3mi.) before the event next week?
Gerry Elemento 8/12/14 2:47 pm
reply to comment
runnerPG Double registration....done! whew...I almost missed it! I thought I signed up already for Pacific Grove Double :-D
Gerry Elemento 5/1/14 8:31 am
runnerGlad you signed up...see you there!!!
Kat Powell 5/5/14 5:41 pm
reply to comment
runnerWoke up yesterday with so much pain on top of my left heel and taking a week off from running after the doctor diagnosed that a small sac of fluid called a bursa that's located in my Achilles tendon is swollen :-( No shoes for few days, no pressure allowed, need to be iced and elevated...for short the doctor said, I could be in my couch for the rest of the weekend :-D http://arthritis.webmd.com/retrocalcaneal-bursa
Gerry Elemento 10/12/13 3:47 pm
runnerSorry to hear that Gerry. Get well my friend.
Bill Dunn 10/12/13 5:34 pm
runnerSorry to hear this...glad to hear you are on top of the situation so you can put it behind you soon..
Bob Anderson 10/13/13 9:35 am
runnerThanks Bill and Bob. I will take it easy after taking a week off.....don't want to get injured right before the Pleasanton Double.
Gerry Elemento 10/13/13 4:38 pm
reply to comment
runnerdue to life schedule, I didn't do any running at all this week except last Monday 6.1 miles :-( Hopefully tomorrows event wont be as bad....
Gerry Elemento 9/27/13 5:40 pm
runnerYou ran great...maybe the light week helped. Your wife did super too! Congrats to the both of you!
Bob Anderson 9/28/13 4:54 pm
runnerBob...THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It was an awesome event....the best part is we both won in our age group and werent even expecting it! I guess, the couple that runs together, get medals? hehehehe
Gerry Elemento 9/28/13 5:21 pm
reply to comment
runnerwont be running till this Saturday to have a fresh legs :-D
Gerry Elemento 8/22/13 1:56 pm
reply to comment
runnerI have a question here in the forum. Who here switch from traditional shoes to Vibram Barefoot Running shoes? I recently purchased one and still getting used to it. Can you share your thoughts or experience. Thanks :-)
Gerry Elemento 8/10/13 6:24 am
runnerA close friend of mine made the switch two years ago. It took time to adjust. He may have overdone it at first and got a great case of plantars but persevered and now runs in them all the time. Uninjured for the past year. So gradual transition is best.
Richard Stiller 8/10/13 9:08 pm
runnerThanks Richard. That is what I'm dealing right now, a serious case of PF but it's getting better now. I guess I need to be patient on the transition.
Gerry Elemento 8/10/13 11:39 pm
runnerPF is serious. Don't try to run through it without taking precautions. Besides icing and ART there are ways to tape your foot to protect the fascia. I would alternate between regular shoes and the Vibrams. There is plenty of info on the web.
Richard Stiller 8/11/13 10:22 pm
runnerGreat advice. I wont plan on running with it until I'm well informed. For now it's going to replace my flip flops :-) I went to visit their website and has a ton of info plus the web on proper precaution. I bought a compression ankle sleeves instead of tape and will give it a try plus the recommended feet excercise.
Gerry Elemento 8/11/13 10:30 pm
reply to comment
runnerone week without running....having a runners withdrawal. I'm resting my feet after 4 weeks of 18-20 mile average....heel feel so sore. I always run forefront strike but after 3 or more miles, it switches to heel strike :-( bought Newton Momentum to improve my running style.
Gerry Elemento 8/9/13 12:53 pm
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