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Michael Anderson UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Member NameMichael Anderson
LocationSan Jose, CA
Years Running25 
Max Distancemarathon 
Fastest Mile5:09 
Current Mile7:15 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?i...
CommentsRun your guts out! 
Fitness Statementrunning is my muse,my meditation,my spiritual awakening 

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MICHAEL ANDERSONSan Jose 2/20/16Double 15K78601:02:3816190.00results
MICHAEL ANDERSONPacific Grove 5/10/15Double 15K401:03:4727150.00results


UjENA FIT Club Posts

Saturday, October 13th, 2012
Post Image

Ran with pops and it was awesome we were clipping them off

run I think the 10 mile run we did Saturday is going to pay off for me this Sunday during the half marathon...thanks dude!!!
Bob Anderson 10/15/12 3:29 pm
Saturday, July 28th, 2012
Post Image

Half marathon this morning felt good.....I'm still walking

run Way to go dude...you are getting in 30 miles every week...this base is going to get you ready to run some fast races...see you in the morning!
Bob Anderson 7/28/12 4:41 pm
Monday, July 2nd, 2012
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8 miles 8:15 pace its coming down

run Looks like you're getting in good shape Michael. Keep up the good running.
Barry Anderson 7/3/12 12:06 pm
run You are getting in good shape dude...
Bob Anderson 7/4/12 5:38 am
Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
Post Image

8:09 a mile first mile 7:18 its coming down

run Way to go Mike...your times are coming down!
Bob Anderson 6/5/12 10:39 pm
Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
Post Image

go through i........ took gu at 11 messed up my stomach........ felt good I had more in the tank

run Good going on the 14...you are getting in some serious miles...
Bob Anderson 6/2/12 3:59 pm
run Did you run the Fontana course after Bob's race? You are really stepping it up...I'm trying to do so also so we can go for a run next time we get together.
Barry Anderson 6/2/12 7:36 pm
run Hi Uncle Barry, I wasnt at the Fontana race I did a training run around my house....Its good to get the miles in.....IM going to be in marathon shape soon
Michael Anderson 6/2/12 9:22 pm
run Nice run Michael.
Richard Stiller 6/3/12 1:18 pm
run You got in 20 miles over the weekend...way to go...don't worry about time right now!
Bob Anderson 6/4/12 8:21 am
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
Post Image

Ran 8.3 miles yesterday...feeling good...wanting to get in another 40 miles th is week.

Saturday, May 19th, 2012
Post Image

San Jose-Campbell-Los Gatos Tour

run 13 miles...that is so great...see you in the morning...
Bob Anderson 5/19/12 8:21 pm
Monday, May 14th, 2012
Post Image

Darn hamstring

run I saw Bob also commented something like this. Don't tell me you both are feeling the same tightness...
Daniel Huddleston 5/14/12 7:02 pm
run We both did the same workout on Sunday...we did some speed work (farlet) with tired legs...
Bob Anderson 5/14/12 7:04 pm
Saturday, May 12th, 2012
Post Image

First long run in ages

run Way to go Mike...that is a tough 10 mile course! I can't wait to run it...I would have done it with you today if I didn't have the 5k in the morning...good job!
Bob Anderson 5/12/12 10:36 pm
Tuesday, March 6th, 2012
Post Image

Ran with pops felt like I was pulling a bag of bricks through a wind tunnel

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runner14 weeks straight over 30 miles a week.....had a great run with pops today.....Its always great running with you
Michael Anderson 8/4/12 3:03 pm
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runnerDarn hamstring has me benched and I still have 24 miles to hit 30 for the week with 3 days left....... its gonna be tight
Michael Anderson 7/19/12 4:51 pm
runnerI hope it is petty soon!!!
Shari Mernett 7/19/12 7:52 pm
runnerI haven't tried it, but they say that those foam rollers (or a rolling pin) can help?
Gary Funck 7/19/12 9:00 pm
runnerTake care of that hamstring dude...taping, magesium, extra water, heat and positive thinking works...
Bob Anderson 7/20/12 9:09 am
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runnerTGIF 11 miler
Michael Anderson 6/29/12 8:44 pm
runnerWay to go Mike. 30 miles per week is a good goal...
Bob Anderson 6/29/12 11:41 pm
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runnerI am going for 13 today....its gonna be hot but good
Michael Anderson 6/2/12 11:13 am
runnerGo for it...
Bob Anderson 6/2/12 11:43 am
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runnerGoing out for my first nine miler since starting my new streak 16 days ago. Might hit 40 miles this week. Good to be back...
Michael Anderson 5/12/12 9:03 am
runnerAwesome! Happy to hear it!
Jodi Labossiere 5/12/12 11:00 am
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runnerCheck out my video on my profile!
Michael Anderson 3/13/12 10:25 pm
runnerKaiser Half Marathon 2012
Michael Anderson 3/13/12 10:29 pm
runnerGood job...it was a good race. It was my first of ten half marathons of the year!!
Bob Anderson 3/14/12 9:26 am
runnerGreat video Really liked the comment the guy made to Bob at the end about a bigger headwind.
Richard Stiller 3/14/12 9:29 pm
runnerJust had the chance to take a look at your videos. Wow...really getting excited about A Long Run. Should be a fantastic film. You really got back into running with a bang. Good to see. Must have stayed in pretty good shape carrying aroung all the video equipment and chasing the runners around in all those races this year.
Barry Anderson 5/18/12 8:06 am
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runnerCheck out my video on my profile!
Michael Anderson 3/4/12 11:25 pm
runnerBest Road Races{ Togethor with Love 5k 10k Kids race
Michael Anderson 3/4/12 11:26 pm
runnerJust watched your new video and I really liked it. That would be tough running with the American Flag...very inspiring...
Bob Anderson 3/4/12 11:32 pm
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runnerJust finished editing the Togethor with Love run video will be posting soon
Michael Anderson 3/4/12 8:38 pm
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runnerCheck out my video on my profile!
Michael Anderson 2/29/12 10:43 am
runnerThis is a video for Best Road Races 2012 Chinese New Year Run
Michael Anderson 2/29/12 10:44 am
runnercool, added it to the diary. http://www.alongrun.com/alr-blog.php/21#nana
Waitman Gobble 2/29/12 1:44 pm
runnerGreat video Michael. Nice work.
Richard Stiller 2/29/12 5:27 pm
runnerLoved the video! It shows how much fun running can be!
Shari Mernett 2/29/12 6:07 pm
runnerGood job on the video Mike...can't wait to see all the other videos you will be doing this year for Best Road Races
Bob Anderson 3/1/12 9:24 am
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runnerJust finished editing the Best Road Races Chinese New Year Race 2012 video......will be posting soon
Michael Anderson 2/28/12 7:59 pm
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runnerCheck out my video on my profile!
Michael Anderson 2/16/12 10:33 pm
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runnerCheck out my video on my profile!
Michael Anderson 2/16/12 10:26 pm
runnerPre ran this race with 13 stitches in his foot
Michael Anderson 2/16/12 10:29 pm
runnerPre was and still is such an inspiration...
Bob Anderson 2/17/12 12:23 pm
runnerRemind me to tell you guys the Prefontaine donut story.
Richard Stiller 2/18/12 5:39 pm
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runnerCheck out my video on my profile!
Michael Anderson 2/14/12 6:45 pm
runnerLove the video...
Bob Anderson 2/14/12 9:33 pm
runnerGreat video!
Richard Stiller 2/15/12 7:48 am
runnerLiked this video so much that I posted in our video of the week section of Best Road Races...
Bob Anderson 2/15/12 12:09 pm
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runnerGot up 6 Am on a Sunday...ran a 5k had breakfast....spent time with good company...... all before noon....What a great day...I enjoy running races on the weekends.........and I especially enjoy spending time with my pops and Catherine
Michael Anderson 10/10/11 10:03 am
runnerWe love spending time with you too Mike...Sunday was a lot of run....love racing in Golden Gate Park...and breakfast off Irving street in that little place...that was great!
Bob Anderson 10/10/11 8:42 pm
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runnerIm sick of this 1 mile business...need to step it up.......one step at a time.....there is always time to thrash it out
Michael Anderson 9/16/11 11:56 am
runnerI hearby impose a 3 mile minimum for you. I'm not knocking the 1 mile run, but as you said, it's time to step it up. It's actually way past time. See you at the starting line on Sunday!
Justin Wall 9/16/11 2:51 pm
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