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UjENA FIT Club Members Upcoming Races

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Christmas Double San Juan 2016 First Leg
267 photos. Posted Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
Double Racing is one race with two legs.  Both the Double Road Race 15K and the Ujena Double 8K started together in front of... View Gallery
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Cabo 8K Double Adventure Run 2016
353 photos. Posted Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
The 3rd Annual Cabo Double was held Oct 22, 2016.  This is another view from Ujena's photographer Jamie Mitchel for the Ujena Fit Club. ... View Gallery
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Christmas Double in San Juan 2016
96 photos. Posted Sunday, December 18th, 2016
It was cold setting up but by the time the first leg of the Double 15K and Double 8K the weather was perfect for... View Gallery
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Cabo 8K Double Adventure Run
158 photos. Posted Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
Super fun event in Los Cabos 8K Double Oct 22, 2016.  It was a little humid but otherwise it was a good morning for... View Gallery

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2012 UjENA FIT Club Runner Ranking · Member Race Listing

All Upcoming UjENA FIT Club Member Races

Member Date Race Name Location Distance  
Dave Nevitt 1/20/17 Space Race 4 Miler  Kennedy Space Center, FL  4 Miles   
Heide Unger 1/21/17 Coyote Hills 5k  Fremont  5K   
JR Mintz 1/21/17 Brazen Racing Coyote Hills Race  Fremont,CA  5K   
Jim Allen 1/21/17 Crystal Spring Trail Run  Woodside- Huddart Park  1/2 Marathon   
kelly emo 1/21/17 Brazen Racing Coyote Hills 10k  Fremont, CA  10K   
Mike Dunn 1/21/17 Coyote Hills 5k  Fremont, CA  5K   
Eric Jessen 1/21/17 Frost or Fog  Chico, CA  10 Miles   
judi alameda 1/21/17 Coyote Hills Run  Fremont  10K   
Dave Nevitt 1/21/17 Fly Fish 5K  Titusville, FL  5K   
Dave Nevitt 1/22/17 Clearwater Distance Classic  Clearwater, FL  Marathon   
Jim Allen 1/28/17 DU 3 Bears Run  El Sobrante  5 Miles   
Heide Unger 1/28/17 Mission 10 Rotary  San Juan Bautista  5K   
Carol Turner 1/28/17 Mission 10  San Juan Bautista, CA  10 Miles   
Dave Nevitt 1/28/17 Daytona 5K  Daytona International Speedway, FL  5K   
Dave Nevitt 1/29/17 Town of Celebration Marathon  Celebration, FL  Marathon   
JR Mintz 2/4/17 Jed Smith Classic  Sacramento,CA  1/2 Marathon   
Jim Allen 2/4/17 Fort Ord Trail Run  Salinas  10K   
kelly emo 2/4/17 Fort Ord 10k  Monterey, CA  10K   
Chris Jones 2/5/17 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon  San Francisco, CA  1/2 Marathon   
JR Mintz 2/5/17 Super Sunday Run  Sacramento,CA  5K   
Heide Unger 2/5/17 Super Guadalupe River Run  San Jose  5K   
Todd Morimoto 2/5/17 Kaiser Half Marathon  San Francisco, CA  1/2 Marathon   
Eric Jessen 2/5/17 Super Sunday Run  Sacramento, CA  10K   
Jim Allen 2/5/17 Super Guadalupe River Run  San Jose  5K   
kelly emo 2/5/17 Santa Cruz Track Club Super Bowl Sunday 10k  Santa Cruz, CA  10K   
Kat Powell 2/5/17 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon  San Francisco, CA  1/2 Marathon   
Heide Unger 2/11/17 Campbell Valentines Run  Campbell  10K   
John Henry 2/11/17 Bay Breeze 5K  San Leandro, CA  5K   
Anna Christensen 2/11/17 Bay Breeze 5K  San Leandro, CA  5K   
Roger Wright 2/11/17 Hilton Head Marathon   Hilton Head, SC   Marathon   
kelly emo 2/11/17 Campbell valentine 5k  campbell  5K   
Carol Turner 2/12/17 Together with Love  Pacific Grove, CA  10K   
Heide Unger 2/12/17 Together With Love  Pacific Grove, Ca  10K   
Eric Jessen 2/12/17 Davis Stampede  Davis, CA  5K   
JR Mintz 2/18/17 Run For Amma  Portola Valley,CA  50K   
Angela Robinson 2/18/17 Indy Polar Bear  Indianapolis, iN  8.1 Miles   
kelly emo 2/18/17 Coastal Monterra Mountain 20miler  Pacifica, CA  20 Miles   
lauren manuel 2/18/17 Polar Bear Dash  Indianapolis, IN  8.1 Miles   
Heide Unger 2/19/17 Palo Alto Double 8k  Palo Alto  Double 8K   
Eldon Regua 2/19/17 Arizona Half Marathon  Glendale, AZ  1/2 Marathon   
JR Mintz 2/19/17 PA Baylands Double Adventure Run  Palo Alto,CA  Double 8K   
Steve Cryer 2/19/17 Palo Alto 8K Double Adventure Run  Palo Alto  8K   
JR Mintz 2/25/17 Victory Race  Marina Bay-Richmond,CA  1/2 Marathon   
Chris Jones 2/25/17 Victory Half Marathon  Richmond, CA  1/2 Marathon   
Heide Unger 2/25/17 Brazen Victory Double  Richmond  10K   
Eric Jessen 2/25/17 Have a Heart for Kids 5k  Yuba City, CA  5K   
kelly emo 2/25/17 Victory 5k run  Richmond, CA  5K   
Carol Turner 2/26/17 Hot Chocolate-Las Vegas  Las Vegas, NV  15K   
Heide Unger 2/26/17 Surfer's Path  Santa Cruz  10K   
Eric Jessen 2/26/17 Almond Blossom  Durham, CA  10K   
Eric Jessen 2/26/17 Downtown Mile  Chico, CA  1 Mile   
kelly emo 2/26/17 surfers path 5k run  capitola  5K   
Eric Jessen 3/4/17 Lucky Run  Davis, CA  7 Miles   
Carol Turner 3/5/17 San Jose 408K  San Jose, CA  8K   
John Henry 3/5/17 San Jose 408K  San Jose, CA  8K   
Anna Christensen 3/5/17 San Jose 408K  San Jose, CA  8K   
Heide Unger 3/5/17 408k Race to the Row  San Jose  8K   
kelly emo 3/5/17 san jose 408k  San jose, ca  8K   
JR Mintz 3/11/17 Chanoko Trail Run  Granite Beach,CA  31 K   
JR Mintz 3/12/17 Go Green St. Patrick's Day Run  Los Gatos,CA  10K   
Jim Allen 3/12/17 Go Green St. Patrick's Day Run  Vasona Park- Los Gatos  10K   
Steve Gilbert 3/18/17 Sam Costa  Indianapolis, IN  6.55469 Miles   
John Henry 3/18/17 Badger Cove 5K  Livermore, CA  5K   
Anna Christensen 3/18/17 Badger Cove 5K  Livermore, CA  5K   
lauren manuel 3/18/17 DINO Trail Running Series #1  Mounds SP, Anderson, IN  15K   
Desta Krong 3/19/17 She is Beautiful  Santa Cruz  10K   
Chris Jones 3/19/17 Seoul Marathon  Seoul, Korea  Marathon   
kelly emo 3/19/17 Modesto half marathon  modesto, ca  1/2 Marathon   
JR Mintz 3/25/17 Golden Gate Headlands Trail Run  Sausalito,CA-Ft. Barry  Marathon   
John Henry 3/25/17 Laughlin/Runnercard 5K  Laughlin, NV  5K   
Anna Christensen 3/25/17 Laughlin/Runnercard 5K  Laughlin, NV  5K   
Jim Allen 3/26/17 Rock n Roll - San Francisco  San Francisco  1/2 Marathon   
John Henry 3/26/17 Too Hot To Trot 5K  Phoenix, AZ  5K   
Anna Christensen 3/26/17 Too Hot To Trot 5K  Phoenix, AZ  5K   
lauren manuel 4/1/17 DINO Trail Running Series #2  Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, IN  15K   
Jim Allen 4/2/17 Oakland Running Festival  Oakland- downtown  5K   
Jim Allen 4/2/17 Oakland Running Festival  Oakland- downtown  1/2 Marathon   
Bruce Gilbert 4/8/17 Rock The Parkway Half Marathon  Kansas City, MO  1/2 Marathon   
Angela Robinson 4/8/17 Savannah Women's Half  Savannah, GA  1/2 Marathon   
kelly emo 4/8/17 Zoom Ayala Cove Run  Angel Island, CA  10 Miles   
lauren manuel 4/15/17 BAA 5k  Boston, MA  5K   
Chris Jones 4/15/17 B.A.A. 5k  Boston, MA  5K   
Eldon Regua 4/17/17 Boston Marathon  Boston, MA  Marathon   
Chris Jones 4/17/17 Boston Marathon  Boston, MA  Marathon   
Asya Cabral 4/17/17 Boston Marathon  Boston, MA  Marathon   
lauren manuel 4/17/17 Boston Marathon   Boston, MA  Marathon   
Chris Jones 4/29/17 The Canyons Endurance Runs  Foresthill, CA  100 K   
Roger Wright 4/29/17 Reveal Mt Charleston Marathon   Las Vegas, NV   Marathon   
lauren manuel 4/29/17 DINO Trail Running Series #3  Muscatatuck SP, North Vernon, IN  15K   
Chris Jones 4/30/17 Big Sur International Marathon - The 10.6 Miler  Carmel, CA  10.6 Miles   
Desta Krong 4/30/17 Big Sur International Marathon  Carmel, CA  Marathon   
Bruce Gilbert 5/6/17 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon  Indianapolis, IN  1/2 Marathon   
lauren manuel 5/6/17 Indianapolis Mini Marathon   Indianapolis, IN  1/2 Marathon   
kelly emo 5/7/17 Eugene half marathon  Eugene, OR  1/2 Marathon   
Chris Jones 5/13/17 Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa  Santa Rosa, CA  13.1 Miles   
JR Mintz 5/21/17 Capitola Half MARathon  Santa Cruz-Capitola-SCRZ,CA  1/2 Marathon   
JR Mintz 5/27/17 Todos Santos 1/2 MARathon  Concord,CA  1/2 Marathon   
Jim Allen 5/29/17 Todos Santos 1/2 Marathon  Concord  1/2 Marathon   
Bruce Gilbert 6/3/17 Hospital Hill Run  Kansas City, MO  1/2 Marathon   
Chris Jones 6/3/17 Old Dominion 100 Mile Cross Country Run  Fort Valley, CA  100 Miles   
Jim Allen 6/3/17 Rock n Roll - San Diego  San Diego  5K   
lauren manuel 6/3/17 DINO Trail Running Series #4  Brown County SP, Nashville, IN  15K   
Jim Allen 6/4/17 Rock n Roll - San Diego  San Diego  1/2 Marathon   
JR Mintz 6/4/17 Waddle Ranch Trail Run  Truckee,CA  1/2 Marathon   
JR Mintz 6/11/17 Gold Country 1/2 Marathon  El Dorado Hills,CA  1/2 Marathon   
Eric Jessen 6/12/17 Run to Squaw  Tahoe City, CA  7.9 Miles   
Chris Jones 6/24/17 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run  Auburn, CA  100 Miles   
lauren manuel 7/1/17 DINO Trail Running Series #5  Griffin Park, Terre Haute, IN  15K   
Chris Jones 7/15/17 Vermont 100 Endurance Race  West Windsor, VT  100 Miles   
JR Mintz 7/29/17 Devil's Slide Evil Trail Run  Pacifica,CA  11 K   
Chris Jones 8/5/17 Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run (AC100)  Wrightwood, CA  103 Miles   
Jim Allen 8/5/17 Salinas Valley 1/2 Marathon  Salinas  1/2 Marathon   
JR Mintz 8/5/17 Salinas Valley 1/2 MARathon  Soledad-Salinas,CA  1/2 Marathon   
Chris Jones 8/19/17 Leadville Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run  Leadville, CO  100 Miles   
lauren manuel 8/19/17 DINO Trail Running Series #6  Southwestway Park, Indianapolis, IN  15K   
JR Mintz 9/3/17 Race to the End of Summer  San Jose,CA  5K   
Chris Jones 9/8/17 Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run  Kaysville, UT  100 Miles   
Jim Allen 9/9/17 Lagoon Valley Trail Run  Vacaville  10K   
lauren manuel 9/16/17 Air Force Marathon   Dayton, OH  Marathon   
JR Mintz 9/24/17 Truckee Marathon  Truckee,CA  Marathon   
Jim Allen 10/7/17 Rock n Roll  San Jose  5K   
Desta Krong 10/7/17 Skyline to Sea  Santa Cruz Mountains  50K   
Angela Robinson 10/7/17 Indianapolis Half Marathon  Indianapolis, IN  1/2 Marathon   
Jim Allen 10/8/17 Rock n Roll  San Jose  1/2 Marathon   
lauren manuel 10/8/17 Chicago Marathon   Chicago, IL  Marathon   
Jim Allen 10/22/17 Morgan Hill 1/2 Marathon  Morgan Hill  1/2 Marathon   
Steve Gilbert 11/4/17 Beyond Monumental   Indianapolis, IN  Marathon   
Angela Robinson 11/4/17 Indianapolis Monumental  Indianapolis, iN  1/2 Marathon   
JR Mintz 11/5/17 SoFi Golden Gate Half  San Francisco,CA  1/2 Marathon   
JR Mintz 11/19/17 Berkeley 5K  Berkeley,CA  5K   
Chana Meira Golden 12/3/17 Shonan Intl Marathon  Japan (Kanagawa Prefecture )  10K   
Chris Jones 12/3/17 California International Marathon (CIM)  Sacramento, CA  Marathon   
Desta Krong 12/3/17 California International Marathon  Sacramento  Marathon   


Double Road Race