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Double Racing Photos - "The Only Running Event with a Halftime" - Double Racing Calendar

San Jose 8/22/15

San Jose 8/22/15

San Jose 8/22/15

San Jose 8/22/15

San Jose 8/22/15

San Jose 8/22/15

San Jose 8/22/15

San Jose 8/22/15
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jim barker UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Member Namejim barker
Locationsan jose ca
Years Running55 
Max Distance35+ 
Fastest Mile4:50 
Current Mile8:oo 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://
CommentsGreat to formally & informally get to meet Bob and team yesterday at Pacific Grove.!! Very happy, including ID twin brother Ron to lend visibility of Bob's UJENA Fit Club to help popularize the concept.. Happy also, be be a volunteer writer as needed. 
Fitness StatementWas introduced to Marathon running in 1971 by the Monterey Athletic Club while as a pre-VNam Vietnamese language student at the DLI-W Coast-Monterey. Subsequently joined the good culturre & fellowship of WVTC. Ran the March 1971 WVTC Marathon, inc. Boston for the Army following month & got toknow Eric Segal somwhat; and 50+ marathons later, including ultras, score of shorter races, and 2 X Wide World of Sports "Ironman" Triathlon at Kona, am still running 6 times weekly at distances 4-8 miles, and doing a 2+ hour cycle ru;n to Morgan Hill. (sometimes I cycle 2 X weekly). Formal competition is 3-5 races annually. It's so important to workout daily, regardless of external conditions 
Quote“It's "Peace of Mind My Daddy Never Had!!" On the more former competitive dimension, to paraphrase from Vladimir Kutz: I look forwad to working out in bad weather, because it means my competition won't."” 
Running AchievementsPR Marathon: 2:25:43 Honolulu, 1975
50 Miles: 5:35:43 Best USA Road Time 1977, HI. (WVT Club Record)
10K: 31:18 1980, Menlo Park, 1980
10 Miles 52:18
Lake Tahoe 72 Miler: 13:10 (Age 40)
Winner: PAC AAU Marathon Chpshp 1978
Winner: HI AAU Maarathon Chpshp 1977
Winner: CA RRCA Marathon Chpshp, Davis,CA 1981 2:32
Top 21% Ironman Triathlon, Kona, HI, 1981-82
2nd Iowa (Cyclone) Marathon 1974
3rd, two times, Ave. Giants Marathon, 2:28 & 2:26
Winner, Big Island Marathon, 2:28:06 1977
Coordinator: VNam Veteans Cross-Nation Triathlon (4 Mile -relay Swim off Belmont Shores, Long Beach, CA, followed by a 10K, then 72 mile bike leg, then successive cycling with some daily running interspersed to culminate "13 Days " later at the VietNam Veterans Memorial, Wash.D.C.
Cordinator: Disabled wheelchair vets to participate in 1st VietNam Marathon, 1992, Finsher with Don Kardong & Bill Rodgers. See RW "Good Morning VietNam" June, 1992 article by Don)
1993 Finisher, Ha Noi Intl. Marathon.
1995 Div Winner, Ha Noi INtl Half-Marathon.
Div Winner, Manila INtl. Marathon 1986
Div Winner, PI Milo Nat Marathon Chpshp 1985 

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jim barker's Race Listing
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Upcoming Races

Date Event Name Location Distance    

Recent Races

Date Event Name Location Distance Race Time Place
10/22/16 Beer and Bratwurst  Boise Idaho  5K     
7/6/16 Seniors 100 meters  Eugene OR  1 Mile    15 
5/21/16 YMCA Great Potato  Boise ID  5K  34:10   
5/1/16 yu ai kai  san jose  5K  34:00   
4/16/16 Robie Creek  Boise Idaho  1/2 Marathon  03:10:00   
4/16/16 Race To Robie Creek  Boise Idaho  1/2 Marathon  03:13:00   
4/3/16 Running of the Elk  Elk Grove  5K  34:40   
2/14/16 together with love  pacific grove ca  10K  01:16:36   
1/1/16 YMCA Big Potato 5K  Boise   1 Mile     

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Double Racing

Double Road Race Results

NameEventRaceBib#TimePlacePointsPrize MoneyFull Results
Jim BarkerPleasanton 12/23/12Christmas 5K160927:567600.00results
JIM BARKERPacific Grove 5/10/15Double 8K50841:1121100.00results
JIM BARKERSan Jose 8/22/15Double 15K1701:57:13189100.00results
Jim BarkerSan Jose 2/22/14UjENA 5K4040:30:151500.00results
Jim BarkerSan Jose 8/23/14UjENA Double 5K101230:323100.00results


UjENA FIT Club Posts

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016
Post Image

Power walk in the heat-Coyote Crk--even the deer & wild pigs were in slow motion.!

Thursday, August 18th, 2016
Post Image

4 mile power walk &10 mile bike pm ride.. Encountered 1st defensive rattler on Coyote Bike Trail today.

Monday, July 18th, 2016
Post Image

2.5 brisk power walk

Friday, July 15th, 2016
Post Image

Power walk ; yesterday's walk of 5+ miles in 91 degree heat really left me dizzy.. Recent experience at Oly Trials at Eugene was like a Nat. Reunion of runners & superb in spit of 4 days of rain.!! Great tie-in with Neta Prefontaine & family of the Prefontaine legacy & big hello to famed Coach Bill Dellinger at the Bowerman Bldg; also a Seniors Wed. PM 100 Meter Dash on track; finished a secure last with the crowd cheering nonetheless !!

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016
Post Image

Power walk, tolerable temps out on Coyote Crk.

Sunday, June 12th, 2016
Post Image

3 mile shuffle before Church, felt invigorated !

Monday, May 16th, 2016
Post Image

Great temps ! Coyote Crk power walk

Thursday, May 5th, 2016
Post Image

4.5 power walk.

run Missed you in PG this year!
Bob Anderson 5/9/16 11:33 pm
Saturday, April 30th, 2016
Post Image

5 Miler, saw beartiful corn snake on Coyote Crk path.

Monday, April 4th, 2016
Post Image

4.5 power walk as recovery from the 5k at Elk Grove yesterday..

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runnerRON BARKER (age 66) 2013 bests: 1st overall in Boise hidden springs duathlon; 3rd overall in 10km, Draper City, UT. Always from 1st to 3rd in age group: Idaho/Montana/UT/CA
jim barker 1/31/14 4:54 pm
runnerYou are running well Jim. Be sure to post all your races here.
Bob Anderson 2/1/14 9:36 am
reply to comment
runnerWay to fly in the Ave. Giants Half Bob.! Some years back, while still in the 50's, I recall finishing in the same place with the overhead timer in a 1:26. Now at this run/shuffling 65, it would be an achievement to do it under 2 hrs. Slludos on uholding, the "above 60" banner so well.!! Best, jim barker
jim barker 5/10/12 1:29 pm
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UjENA FIT Club Fit Log Entries (2016) 2012

Wk #Log DateEntry TypeActualDay AvgWk TotWk PointsAcc Pnts
30 Wks 157 Days 5.2 Days/Wk Avg 1,136.2 mi 4.7 avg 33.2 avg  
 Wed 9/285.1-7mi Run5.5   20816
 Tue 9/275.1-7mi Run5.5   14810
 Mon 9/26Bicycling 2 Hours+28   8804
30Sun 9/253.2-5mi Run or Walk2.5 2.6 mi18.0 mi20796
 Sat 9/243.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   15791
 Fri 9/233.2-5mi Run or Walk4   10786
 Thu 9/223.2-5mi Run or Walk4   5781
29Wed 9/213.2-5mi Run or Walk4 0.6 mi4.0 mi22776
 Thu 8/185.1-7mi Run6 miles   17771
 Wed 8/173.2-5mi Run or Walk4   11765
 Tue 8/163.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   6760
 Mon 8/15Bicycling 30+ Mins22   1755
28Sun 8/143.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5 2.4 mi16.5 mi15754
 Sat 8/133.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   10749
 Fri 8/123.2-5mi Run or Walk4   5744
27Thu 8/113.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5 0.6 mi4.5 mi5739
26Sun 7/173.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5 3.0 mi21.0 mi30734
 Sat 7/163.2-5mi Run or Walk4   25729
 Fri 7/155.1-7mi Run4 mile power walk/shuffle   20724
 Thu 7/143.2-5mi Run or Walk4   14718
 Wed 7/132-3.1mi Run or Walk3   9713
 Tue 7/123.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   6710
 Mon 7/111 Mile Run or Walk1   1705
25Sun 7/103.2-5mi Run or Walk5 1.9 mi13.0 mi10704
 Sat 7/93.2-5mi Run or Walk4   5699
24Fri 7/83.2-5mi Run or Walk4 0.6 mi4.0 mi38694
 Sat 7/23.2-5mi Run or Walk5 mile power walk   33689
 Fri 7/13.2-5mi Run or Walk4   28684
 Thu 6/303.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   23679
 Wed 6/293.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   18674
 Tue 6/283.2-5mi Run or Walk5   13669
 Mon 6/27Bicycling 2 Hours+29   8664
23Sun 6/263.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5 1.1 mi8.0 mi5656
22Sat 6/253.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5 0.6 mi4.5 mi5651
21Sun 6/122-3.1mi Run or Walk3. 8.0 mi56.0 mi38646
 Sat 6/113.2-5mi Run or Walk5   35643
 Fri 6/103.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   30638
 Thu 6/95.1-7mi Run6   25633
 Wed 6/8Bicycling 2 Hours+28   19627
 Tue 6/75.1-7mi Run5   11619
 Mon 6/63.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   5613
20Sun 6/53.2-5mi Run or Walk4 0.6 mi4.0 mi10608
 Mon 5/163.2-5mi Run or Walk4 mile power walk/shuffle   5603
19Sun 5/153.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5 7.8 mi54.5 mi29598
 Sat 5/143.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   24593
 Fri 5/13Bicycling 2 Hours+30   19588
 Thu 5/122-3.1mi Run or Walk4   11580
 Wed 5/113.2-5mi Run or Walk5   8577
 Tue 5/102-3.1mi Run or Walk3   3572
18Mon 5/93.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5 0.6 mi4.5 mi20569
 Wed 5/43.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   15564
 Tue 5/33.2-5mi Run or Walk4   10559
 Mon 5/23.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   5554
17Sun 5/12-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1 3.4 mi24.1 mi31549
 Sat 4/303.2-5mi Run or Walk5 mile power walk   28546
 Fri 4/293.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   23541
 Thu 4/283.2-5mi Run or Walk4   18536
 Wed 4/273.2-5mi Run or Walk5   13531
 Tue 4/262-3.1mi Run or Walk3   8526
 Mon 4/253.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   5523
16Sun 4/243.2-5mi Run or Walk4 mile power walk/shuffle 3.1 mi21.5 mi33518
 Sat 4/233.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   28513
 Fri 4/223.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   23508
 Thu 4/213.2-5mi Run or Walk4   18503
 Wed 4/202-3.1mi Run or Walk3   13498
 Tue 4/193.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   10495
 Mon 4/183.2-5mi Run or Walk4   5490
15Sun 4/171 Mile Run or Walk1 0.1 mi1.0 mi1485
14Sun 4/102-3.1mi Run or Walk2.5 4.4 mi31.0 mi34484
 Sat 4/93.2-5mi Run or Walk5   31481
 Fri 4/83.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   26476
 Thu 4/75.1-7mi Run6   21471
 Wed 4/63.2-5mi Run or Walk4   15465
 Tue 4/53.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   10460
 Mon 4/43.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   5455
13Sun 4/32-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1 6.7 mi47.1 mi29450
 Sat 4/21 Mile Run or Walk2   26447
 Fri 4/1Bicycling 2 Hours+22   25446
 Thu 3/315.1-7mi Run6   17438
 Wed 3/305.1-7mi Run5.5   11432
 Tue 3/293.2-5mi Run or Walk4   5426
12Mon 3/283.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5 0.6 mi4.5 mi35421
 Fri 3/253.2-5mi Run or Walk4   30416
 Thu 3/245.1-7mi Run5.5   25411
 Wed 3/23Bicycling 2 Hours+30 miles   19405
 Tue 3/225.1-7mi Run6   11397
 Mon 3/213.2-5mi Run or Walk4 mile power walk/shuffle   5391
11Sun 3/205.1-7mi Run7 4.8 mi33.5 mi35386
 Sat 3/193.2-5mi Run or Walk5   29380
 Fri 3/183.2-5mi Run or Walk4   24375
 Thu 3/175.1-7mi Run6   19370
 Wed 3/163.2-5mi Run or Walk4   13364
 Tue 3/153.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   8359
 Mon 3/142-3.1mi Run or Walk3   3354
10Sun 3/135.1-7mi Run6 4.8 mi33.5 mi38351
 Sat 3/125.1-7mi Run5.5   32345
 Fri 3/115.1-7mi Run6   26339
 Thu 3/103.2-5mi Run or Walk4   20333
 Wed 3/93.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   15328
 Tue 3/83.2-5mi Run or Walk4   10323
 Mon 3/73.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   5318
9Sun 3/63.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5 6.9 mi48.5 mi38313
 Sat 3/53.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   33308
 Fri 3/43.2-5mi Run or Walk5   28303
 Thu 3/3Bicycling 2 Hours+22   23298
 Wed 3/23.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   15290
 Tue 3/13.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   10285
 Mon 2/293.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   5280
8Sun 2/283.2-5mi Run or Walk4 7.2 mi50.5 mi39275
 Sat 2/275.1-7mi Run5 miles   34270
 Fri 2/26Bicycling 2 Hours+30   28264
 Thu 2/253.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   20256
 Wed 2/243.2-5mi Run or Walk4   15251
 Tue 2/233.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   10246
 Mon 2/223.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   5241
7Sun 2/213.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5 8.3 mi58.0 mi32236
 Sat 2/205.1-7mi Run5.5   27231
 Fri 2/193.2-5mi Run or Walk4   21225
 Thu 2/185.1-7mi Run6   16220
 Wed 2/173.2-5mi Run or Walk5   10214
 Tue 2/163.2-5mi Run or Walk4   5209
6Mon 2/15Bicycling 2 Hours+30 4.3 mi30.0 mi37204
 Sat 2/62-3.1mi Run or Walk3.5   29196
 Fri 2/53.2-5mi Run or Walk4   26193
 Thu 2/45.1-7mi Run5.5   21188
 Wed 2/33.2-5mi Run or Walk4   15182
 Tue 2/23.2-5mi Run or Walk4   10177
 Mon 2/13.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   5172
5Sun 1/313.2-5mi Run or Walk4 4.1 mi28.5 mi35167
 Sat 1/303.2-5mi Run or Walk4   30162
 Fri 1/293.2-5mi Run or Walk4   25157
 Thu 1/283.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   20152
 Wed 1/273.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   15147
 Tue 1/263.2-5mi Run or Walk4   10142
 Mon 1/253.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   5137
4Sun 1/243.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5 7.5 mi52.5 mi36132
 Sat 1/233.2-5mi Run or Walk4 mile power walk/shuffle   31127
 Fri 1/222-3.1mi Run or Walk3.5   26122
 Thu 1/213.2-5mi Run or Walk4   23119
 Wed 1/20Bicycling 2 Hours+32   18114
 Tue 1/193.2-5mi Run or Walk4   10106
 Mon 1/183.2-5mi Run or Walk4.5   5101
3Sun 1/173.2-5mi Run or Walk4 16.0 mi112.0 mi3296
 Sat 1/16Bicycling 2 Hours+30   2791
 Wed 1/132-3.1mi Run or Walk3.   1983
 Tue 1/12Bicycling 2 Hours+40   1680
 Mon 1/11Bicycling 2 Hours+35   872
2Sun 1/10Bicycling 2 Hours+35 26.9 mi188.0 mi5064
 Sat 1/9Bicycling 2 Hours+35   4256
 Fri 1/8Bicycling 2 Hours+40   3448
 Thu 1/7Bicycling 2 Hours+35   2640
 Wed 1/6Bicycling 2 Hours+38   1832
 Tue 1/53.2-5mi Run or Walk5 miles   1024
 Mon 1/43.2-5mi Run or Walk5   519
1Sun 1/3Bicycling 2 Hours+38 6.7 mi47.0 mi1414
 Sat 1/25.1-7mi Run5   66
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