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2017 Ujena Fit Club Elite Racing Men's Rankings 
Women's Rankings

2016 Year-End Awards: Click here for information about receiving your UjENA Fit Club Elite Racing 2016 Annual Top 100 Ranking Medal 

2017 Annual UjENA Fit Club Elite Racing Awards - Post your races from December 14, 2016 to December 12, 2017. 

Members who post races on their Ujena Fit Club profiles are eligible to appear in the rankings.
1. Members receive 100 points for each race they post and include your finish time. 
2. Members receive 20 points for each mile raced. 
3. Only timed races with results posted on the internet count. 
4. If you do an event that includes other activities (like the Tri) only list the running distance and the time for that distance, however list your place for the overall event.

The deadline to enter your races each quarter is noon (PST) the last business day of the month following the quarter.  Your total performance points at that time will be included in your quarter score (including any performance points from the quarter(s) before.  You can still enter races after the quarter deadline but the final standing will be determined at noon the last business day of the month after the quarter ends.  Click here to add a 2017 race

The top 100 men each quarter will receive a special quarterly medal (pictured above).   Medals will be issued for the first three quarters based on that quarter's points.  Our annual medal will be issued based on points earned during the whole year. 

Women's Rankings

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2017 First Quarter Rankings.

Click here 2016 Rankings. Click here for 2015 Rankings. Click here for 2014 Rankings.

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Joel Rizzo
Race 3X a week, member of Marathon Maniacs ... View Profile
Greg Mandler
swim, bike, run, lift, stretch, massage. you can't out-exercise a bad diet. ... View Profile
JR Mintz
Vallejo-American Canyon,CA Jog ... View Profile
Jim Allen
I run on a treadmill or at the park weather permitting. I also lift weights and do cardio workouts at a local gym. I also love ballroom dancing ... View Profile
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2017 1st Quarter Rankings.

    Women's Rankings
2017First QuarterQtr Total

1Joel RizzoRaces (43)7,41421,25228,666
2JR MintzRaces (29)7,58418,53326,117
3Greg MandlerRaces (22)4,25015,54419,794
4Jim AllenRaces (26)6,07113,41319,484
5Chris JonesRaces (17)6,36312,85419,217
6Steve CryerRaces (13)3,6918,37112,062
7Dwayne SpencerRaces (11)2,1789,68111,859
8Eric JessenRaces (13)2,5728,45411,026
9Peter MullinRaces (10)1,9358,72410,659
10John HenryRaces (11)1,9487,6729,620
11Matt CayabyabRaces (11)2,1266,6528,778
12Christopher SullivanRaces (10)2,6046,0478,651
13Dave NevittRaces (7)2,0995,3927,491
14Sean CurryRaces (6)2,1545,0167,170
15Jerry ThomasRaces (7)1,7034,6486,351
16ISMAEL KIPROP SUTERRaces (5)2,3343,7126,046
17Elliot DanielsRaces (6)8364,9275,763
18Levi PhillipsRaces (8)1,5293,7335,262
19Dan FurtadoRaces (5)1,3963,7385,134
20Kurt GogolinRaces (5)1,4903,5215,011
21Efren HerreraRaces (6)1,2953,3864,681
22Jeff HeatrunnerRaces (5)1,0723,2334,305
23Jeff KirkRaces (4)6233,5104,133
24Nicholas SpectorRaces (4)8332,8213,654
25Mike DunnRaces (5)1,0002,5103,510
26Todd MorimotoRaces (4)9222,4393,361
27Bob AndersonRaces (3)6472,4373,084
28Pete MagillRaces (3)5232,2452,768
29John HofacreRaces (2)3862,2832,669
30Ronald MallakRaces (3)6861,8902,576
31Kyle HubbartRaces (2)3592,1562,515
32Jesus RiosRaces (4)9331,4932,426
33SOLOMON KIPRUTO CHEBIIRaces (2)7241,4852,209
34Marco PessiRaces (2)4851,2971,782
35Ernesto AristeoRaces (2)3291,3541,683
36Eldon ReguaRaces (1)3621,1401,502
37Chris HartRaces (2)5619231,484
38David LongRaces (2)3241,1201,444
39Steve GilbertRaces (2)3939581,351
40Bertrand NewsonRaces (2)4858001,285
41Mark PagaranRaces (2)3618171,178
42Tyler McCandlessRaces (1)3627381,100
43Chris ChavezRaces (1)3627331,095
44Ivan MedinaRaces (1)3627041,066
45Dave MillerRaces (1)3627001,062
46Roger WrightRaces (1)6244011,025
47Ray AvalosRaces (1)3626571,019
48Hans SchmidRaces (1)2867221,008
49Roberto PalosRaces (1)2867201,006
50Osamu TadaRaces (1)286706992
51Matthew TompkinsRaces (1)300687987
53Jose PinaRaces (1)199729928
54Ricardo EsquedaRaces (1)199713912
55Anders FoxRaces (1)199675874
56Bihama VedasteRaces (1)199674873
57Bruce LinRaces (1)199630829
58Bill BengivenoRaces (1)199598797
59Clint DicksonRaces (1)362421783
60Rolwin LewisRaces (1)286458744
61Nick FroumisRaces (1)199535734
62Michael ChinRaces (1)162553715
63Mike FongRaces (1)199495694
64Albert VillarealRaces (1)199456655
65Barney SmithRaces (1)286368654
66Stephen GaitanRaces (1)199433632
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