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2017 Ujena Fit Club Elite Racing Women's Rankings 
Men's Rankings

2016 Year-End Awards: Click here for information about receiving your UjENA Fit Club Elite Racing 2016 Annual Top 100 Ranking Medal 

2017 Annual UjENA Fit Club Elite Racing Awards - Post your races from December 14, 2016 to December 12, 2017. 

Members who post races on their Ujena Fit Club profiles are eligible to appear in the rankings.
1. Members receive 100 points for each race they post and include your finish time. 
2. Members receive 20 points for each mile raced. 
3. Only timed races with results posted on the internet count. 
4. If you do an event that includes other activities (like the Tri) only list the running distance and the time for that distance, however list your place for the overall event.

The deadline to enter your races each quarter is noon (PST) the last business day of the month following the quarter.  Your total performance points at that time will be included in your quarter score (including any performance points from the quarter(s) before.  You can still enter races after the quarter deadline but the final standing will be determined at noon the last business day of the month after the quarter ends.  Click here to add a 2017 race

The top 100 men each quarter will receive a special quarterly medal (pictured above).   Medals will be issued for the first three quarters based on that quarter's points.  Our annual medal will be issued based on points earned during the whole year. 

Men's Rankings

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2017 First Quarter Rankings

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barbara robben
I do 100+ races a year! ... View Profile
kelly emo
two trail 5ks back to back.. gonna feel it tomorrow ! ... View Profile
Gina Tonegato
I've been working out for about 23 years. Enjoy running, swimming and going to the gym. ... View Profile
Heide Unger
Bike and upper body work. ... View Profile
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    Men's Rankings
20172017First Quarter

1barbara robbenRaces (24)3,86316,79320,656
2Gina TonegatoRaces (19)3,31614,60117,917
3kelly emoRaces (17)3,32014,14517,465
4Heide UngerRaces (18)3,47912,25715,736
5Stacy SRaces (16)4,27811,37815,656
6Nancy HobbsRaces (7)1,25811,50512,763
7Anna ChristensenRaces (11)1,9489,72611,674
8Carol TurnerRaces (11)2,7048,83711,541
9Kat PowellRaces (10)2,5758,35510,930
10lauren manuelRaces (4)1,7966,4988,294
11Ann GreenRaces (8)1,2966,7748,070
12Cindy GrossmanRaces (8)1,6155,5037,118
13Patricia VenerableRaces (10)2,1294,6556,784
14Angela RobinsonRaces (6)1,0794,3825,461
15Barbara BradyRaces (4)8963,6314,527
16Linda SerenoRaces (4)1,1952,8834,078
17Asya CabralRaces (3)9233,1084,031
18Ana EnglandRaces (3)6222,8253,447
19judi alamedaRaces (4)8212,1012,922
20Sharlet GilbertRaces (3)6152,2322,847
21Amy StarrRaces (2)4482,0572,505
22Nanci PritchardRaces (2)5611,5922,153
23JOAN JEMUTAI TOROITICHRaces (1)6241,4712,095
24Risper GesabwaRaces (2)5861,4982,084
25Bre AvalosRaces (2)4851,4331,918
26Lidia SantosRaces (2)4851,3981,883
27JAN BENGIVENORaces (2)4851,3231,808
28valerie rodriguezRaces (2)4851,2081,693
29Frances WeesnerRaces (2)4851,1241,609
30Sueh-Min LiewRaces (2)3991,1221,521
31Honor FetherstonRaces (1)3627491,111
32AWELECHO GETE ESHETURaces (1)3627421,104
33Verity BreenRaces (1)3627361,098
34Riya SuisingRaces (1)3627171,079
35Amy YanniRaces (1)3626911,053
36Rosa GutierrezRaces (1)2867471,033
37Monica Jo GilmoreRaces (1)286706992
38Denise PossonRaces (1)286689975
39Stephanie GantosRaces (1)362591953
40Kristen RohdeRaces (1)199746945
41Michelle MeyerRaces (1)218720938
42Phyllis KarstenRaces (1)199738937
43TRACY BLOOMFELDTRaces (1)286622908
44Mona WongRaces (1)362540902
45Desta KrongRaces (1)218666884
46Kendra ClarkRaces (1)286588874
47Metka DragosRaces (1)199670869
48Wendy BergmanRaces (1)286575861
49Tiffany LukRaces (1)199651850
50Julie SniderRaces (1)180645825
51Charisma BermudezRaces (1)286530816
52yolanda arevaloRaces (1)199584783
53Glynis CrabbRaces (1)199538737
54Michelle MandronesRaces (1)199533732
55Mary MirandaRaces (1)130590720
56Kathleen HallRaces (1)199507706
57Nancy HoodRaces (1)199496695
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