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Barry Sackett UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Kiwanis 5K title defense

My kids congratulate me at the finish line of my successful defense of the Spencer Kiwanis 5K with a PR of 17:40
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Member NameBarry Sackett
LocationUnited States
Years Running32 
Max Distance35+ 
Fastest Mile5:20 
Current Mile5:42 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://facebook.com/barrysackett
Fitness StatementI am a member of the United States Streak Runners Association and have been running daily since November 4, 2009. Have run 6 full marathons, 8 half marathons, 7 triathlons, countless 10Ks and 5Ks, 3.2 mile open water swim and chase a 1 and 3 year old daily. Great to see what you are doing to get people fit. 
Quote“I run today because I ran yesterday. I ran today to run tomorrow I run today to run today” 

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Recent Races

Date Event Name Location Distance Race Time Place
1/1/15 Polar Dash 15 Mile  Minneapolis, MN  15 Miles  01:32:00 
1/1/15 Polar Dash 5k  Minneapolis, MN  5K  20:57 
1/1/15 Polar Dash 1500 m  Minneapolis, MN  1.4 Miles  07:54 
11/2/14 New York City Marathon  New York City, NY  Marathon  03:05:19  1029 
10/5/14 Twin Cities Marathon  Minneapolis, MN  Marathon  02:59:46  239 
9/13/14 Turkey Day 10K  Worthington, MN  10K  38:27  11 
8/15/14 Ragnar Great River  Winona, MN  20.6 Miles  02:15:40  82 Team 
7/26/14 Boji Bay 5K  Milford, IA  5K  17:49 
6/14/14 Fairmont Triathlon  Fairmont, MN  6.2 Miles  02:32:04  26 
6/7/14 Lola Half Marathon  Waconia, MN  1/2 Marathon  01:24:49 

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UjENA FIT Club Posts

Thursday, March 26th, 2015
Post Image

Been away from a computer, but still running every day. The highlight was an early morning run accross the central plains of South Africa with a pair of Impalas.

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015
Post Image

Amazing trail run in the mountains of the Cape of Africa

Friday, January 16th, 2015
Post Image

19 miles to celebrate 1,900 day running streak

Thursday, January 1st, 2015
Post Image

Won the Super Yeti Challenge with a 2nd Place finish in the 15 miler, 6th in the 5k and top 10 in th 1500 I think, no results yet. Good experience, with a multi race event, but tough, can not wait for my first Double

Monday, December 29th, 2014
Post Image

I made it, over 4000 miles for the year for th second year in a row. It took more than 500 miles in the month of December, but I am acctually feeling strong despite the miles. Thank you Bob and everyone for the inspiration and support.

run Gotta ask....did all those miles help you run PR's ? It's a nice accomplishment regardless.
Richard Stiller 12/29/14 8:20 am
run ditto for me-I think I will end up with 4100-I believe it's only the 2nd time I have passed this Number in Total Mileage-the previous was 8 years ago when I diod over 600 Miles-I doubt I will approach that again, though...
JR Mintz 12/29/14 5:58 pm
run It's gotta be exhausting. But anyway, congrats.
Richard Stiller 12/29/14 6:04 pm
run Richard I have set PR at every distance over the past 2 years due to my increased mileage, that keeps me from being terribly exhausted. JR congratulations on the big year, keep it going for 2015.
Barry Sackett 12/30/14 3:23 am
Thursday, December 25th, 2014
Post Image

58.1 Miles left this year to reach 4000, under 10 a day, I feel confident at this point. Thanks for th esupport and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 19th, 2014
Post Image

Bob, 158.8 miles left, I am getting there.

Thursday, December 18th, 2014
Post Image


Just signed up for a Triple 15 Mile/5 K/ 1500 Meter on New Years Day in Minneapolis. The multi-race day is catching on.


run Barry, you have to do a Double Racing event! How are you coming along with hitting your 4000 mile goal?
Bob Anderson 12/18/14 9:21 pm
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014
Post Image

209 miles left to reach 4000 for the year, I think I got this but the last months milage is starting to catch up to me.

run Go for it. That's 15 miles per day. Good luck! That is a good goal.
Bob Anderson 12/16/14 9:14 am
Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Post Image

I totaled my miles for 2014 today, 3362.1 which means I have 637.9 to run by the end of the year to hit 4000 or and average of 16.8 per day. I hope to put a big dent in it this weekwith the holidays and reassess after that to see if it is possible.

run It will be hard but you can do it. Going to take some long runs.
Bob Anderson 11/23/14 4:22 pm
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runnerBarry, how did you finish up the year?
Bob Anderson 1/2/14 5:41 pm
runner4044 miles, 4 race wins, including a marathon win and a ticket to Boston, an incredible year. How did the premier go, I can not wait to see the movie are you screening in Iowa?
Barry Sackett 1/2/14 7:38 pm
runnerYou made your goal. What a great year!!! Congrats!!! What is your goal for 2014?
Bob Anderson 1/3/14 5:41 pm
runner5000 miles, finish Boston, New York and Chicago marathons under 3 hours, how about you?
Barry Sackett 1/4/14 6:25 am
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runnerThinking about all of you in Boston, I will be running a marathon tomorrow to honor you, inspired by Run 26.2 for Boston Face book post. https://www.facebook.com/events/484995498233792/?ref=3
Barry Sackett 4/16/13 12:04 pm
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runnerCongrats Barry...you workout and posted every day the week ending May 6th. You win $50 and your check is in the mail. Keep up the good work and tell us more about what you are doing...
Bob Anderson 5/14/12 12:28 pm
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runnerHave a good race in the Polar Dash...how long is it? Happy new years...
Bob Anderson 12/30/11 9:38 am
reply to comment
runnerI am going to do a 50-60 mile run over two days Thanksgiving Weekend, so I am stepping up my miles this week. Also with the time change it has been easier to get up earlier so I have more time in the mornings. I will try to get more streakers, thank for all you do!
Barry Sackett 11/11/11 9:41 am
runnerThat is going to be a challenge...is it a race? It is easier to run in the morning but if you also run at night...that's now an issue. Good to have you here!!!
Daniela Raldirez 11/11/11 12:56 pm
reply to comment
runnerLooks like you are getting in some miles this week. Are you getting ready for a marathon? We found a lot of your races on the internet. Be sure to check them and make sure they are all yours. And add others that are missing. Your streak continues...we need to get some more streakers here!!
Bob Anderson 11/11/11 9:17 am
runnerI am going to do a 50-60 mile run over two days Thanksgiving Weekend, so I am stepping up my miles this week. Also with the time change it has been easier to get up earlier so I have more time in the mornings. I will try to get more streakers, thank for all you do!" has been posted. Thank you.
Barry Sackett 11/11/11 10:01 am
reply to comment
runnerCongrats! you are our third Fit Log winner. You win $50 plus a certificate. I know you are a 1-star member. If you were a two-star member or above you would have won $100 (we double it). You have to be a 2-star before the week starts. We will be mailing you your check and a certificate. Best Bob
Bob Anderson 10/3/11 12:19 pm
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runnerWelcome Barry...good luck with your streak. Be sure to post your run daily. You will be coming up to two years in about six weeks.
Bob Anderson 9/21/11 8:03 am
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UjENA FIT Club Fit Log Entries (2015) 2012

Wk #Log DateEntry TypeActualDay AvgWk TotWk PointsAcc Pnts
11 Wks 67 Days 6.1 Days/Wk Avg 88.2 mi 0.8 avg 5.8 avg  
 Mon 3/305.1-7mi Run   6764
11Sun 3/2918.1-20mi Run 1.1 mi8.0 mi92758
 Sat 3/2810.1-12mi Run   72738
 Fri 3/277.1-10mi Run   60726
 Thu 3/267.1-10mi Run8   50716
 Wed 3/2510.1-12mi Run   40706
 Tue 3/2412.1-14mi Run   28694
 Mon 3/2312.1-14mi Run   14680
10Sun 3/2214.1-16mi Run 0.0 mi0.0 mi42666
 Sat 3/2114.1-16mi Run   26650
 Fri 3/207.1-10mi Run   10634
9Thu 3/1910.1-12mi Run 0.0 mi0.0 mi72624
 Fri 3/67.1-10mi Run   60612
 Thu 3/510.1-12mi Run   50602
 Wed 3/412.1-14mi Run   38590
 Tue 3/37.1-10mi Run8   24576
 Mon 3/212.1-14mi Run   14566
8Sun 3/114.1-16mi Run15 4.3 mi30.0 mi74552
 Sat 2/2814.1-16mi Run15   58536
 Fri 2/277.1-10mi Run   42520
 Thu 2/267.1-10mi Run   32510
 Wed 2/255.1-7mi Run   22500
 Tue 2/247.1-10mi Run   16494
 Mon 2/235.1-7mi Run   6484
7Sun 2/227.1-10mi Run 0.0 mi0.0 mi86478
 Sat 2/2126.3mi+ Run   76468
 Fri 2/2012.1-14mi Run   48440
 Thu 2/1912.1-14mi Run   34426
 Wed 2/1812.1-14mi Run   20412
 Mon 2/16Tread Mill 1hr+   6398
6Sun 2/1510.1-12mi Run11 4.6 mi32.0 mi74392
 Sat 2/145.1-7mi Run   62380
 Fri 2/137.1-10mi Run   56374
 Thu 2/127.1-10mi Run   46364
 Wed 2/1112.1-14mi Run13   36354
 Tue 2/107.1-10mi Run8   22340
 Mon 2/910.1-12mi Run   12330
5Sun 2/810.1-12mi Run 0.0 mi0.0 mi56318
 Sat 2/77.1-10mi Run   44306
 Fri 2/67.1-10mi Run   34296
 Thu 2/510.1-12mi Run   24286
 Wed 2/410.1-12mi Run   12274
4Tue 2/37.1-10mi Run 0.0 mi0.0 mi88262
 Sat 1/2410.1-12mi Run10.2   78252
 Fri 1/237.1-10mi Run   66240
 Thu 1/227.1-10mi Run   56230
 Wed 1/2114.1-16mi Run   46220
 Tue 1/2014.1-16mi Run   30204
 Mon 1/1912.1-14mi Run   14188
3Sun 1/187.1-10mi Run 0.0 mi0.0 mi66174
 Sat 1/177.1-10mi Run   56164
 Fri 1/16Track Interval Workout 30m-1hr   46154
 Thu 1/157.1-10mi Run   42150
 Wed 1/147.1-10mi Run   32140
 Tue 1/1310.1-12mi Run   22130
 Mon 1/127.1-10mi Run   10118
2Sun 1/1110.1-12mi Run 0.0 mi0.0 mi78108
 Sat 1/107.1-10mi Run   6696
 Fri 1/97.1-10mi Run   5686
 Thu 1/87.1-10mi Run   4676
 Wed 1/714.1-16mi Run   3666
 Tue 1/67.1-10mi Run   2050
 Mon 1/57.1-10mi Run   1040
1Sun 1/47.1-10mi Run 0.0 mi0.0 mi3030
 Sat 1/37.1-10mi Run   2020
 Fri 1/27.1-10mi Run   1010
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