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Roger Wright UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Me after running 5 Marathons in 5 Days in 5 States


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Member NameRoger Wright
Years Running
Max Distance35+ 
Fastest Mile7:15 
Current Mile8:45 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://www.RFME.org
Fitness StatementI was overweight my entire life, and 300+ pounds for the previous 5 years (I'm only 5'6"). On June 7th, 2008, at the age of 47 I decided to drastically change my life. Even though I had never run more than a 1/4 mile in my previous 30 years because I HATED running, I set a goal of running the 2009 Boston Marathon which was 10 months away and to raise $3000 for my 9 year old niece Julia who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. I exceeded all expectations and have learned to love running. I generally run 5-6 marathon or other endurance races each year and will continue to do so as long as my legs allow me.

Quote“"Once you cross the finish line, no matter how fast or how slow, it will change your life forever" (Dick Beardsley from the movie "Spirit of the Marathon")” 
Running AchievementsOnly being able to run 10 yards the first day of training and 10 months later running the 2009 Boston Marathon, NONSTOP!  

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Recent Races

Date Event Name Location Distance Race Time Place
10/27/14 Dublin Marathon  Dublin, Ireland   Marathon  04:49:44  9297 
8/17/14 Falmouth Road Race   Cape Cod, MA   7 Miles  01:04:38  3887/11187 
7/27/14 San Francisco Ultra Marathon (52.4)  San Francisco  50 Miles  11:14:35   
7/4/14 Needham 4th of July 5K   Needham,MA   5K  24:24  152/524 
5/24/14 Keybank Vermont City Marathon   Burlington, VT  Marathon  04:13:37  1252/2435 
4/27/14 James Joyce Ramble 10K  Dedham  10K  53:37  529/1338 
4/21/14 2014 Boston Marathon   Boston  Marathon  05:04:09  27954 
3/16/14 New York City Half Marathon   Manhatten   1/2 Marathon  01:55:18  7598/20771 
2/23/14 Hyannis Half Marathon   Hyannis,MA   1/2 Marathon  01:57:43  1370/2983 
2/2/14 NYRR Gridiron 4M  Central Park (NY City)  4 Miles  32:38  1533/5966 

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UjENA FIT Club Posts

Sunday, December 14th, 2014
Post Image

Ran 10.50 miles.

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014
Post Image

1 hour core and weights, 1 hour spin and 4 mile run.

Sunday, December 7th, 2014
Post Image

Ran a miles with some running friends.

Sunday, November 30th, 2014
Post Image

Only had time for 8 miles.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Post Image

Invited to run 6 miles (primarily trails) with some of my new running friends.

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014
Post Image

Ran 15 miles home from an appointment.

Sunday, November 16th, 2014
Post Image

Ran 6.5 miles over to a rehab facility to see an old friend, Charlie. Put a smile on his face which made the 6.5 miles home easy. Interesting story: Charlie helped invent the microwave oven. While working at Raytheon, he gave his friend Percy a chocolate bar. Percy later noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket had melted while they were working on a radar system. The rest is history.

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014
Post Image

Since it's 11.11 (Veterans Day) I decided to run 11.11 KMs. Finished at 11.11 AM as well!

Sunday, November 9th, 2014
Post Image

Yesterday I received a bib for Chilly Half Marathon in Newton,MA. Bad news is I ran poorly (2:03) but good news I was with 6 beautiful women who all gave me a hug so I'm happy.

run You had fun! That's what it is really about. There are always other races where you can have fun running your guts out.
Bob Anderson 11/9/14 6:50 pm
run You're correct Bob. It's a tough hilly course but I ran 1:49 last year. That's why I'm going to a doctor/marathon trainer starting tomorrow. Doing LA Marathon in March.
Roger Wright 11/9/14 7:26 pm
Thursday, November 6th, 2014
Post Image

Ran an easy 6 miles on Boston Marathon route.

run That's something I would like to do with you in Boston... especially the 'easy' part.
John Hofacre 11/6/14 8:52 pm
run John, we will definitely run a portion of the marathon route when you're here. Maybe we can run out from Boston and DOWN the hills of Newton, including Heartbreak Hill.
Roger Wright 11/9/14 12:46 pm
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runnerCheck out my video on my profile!
Roger Wright 3/23/14 2:20 pm
runnerEach year I make a video for one marathon to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. This is my 2014 Boston Marathon video. http://youtu.be/3AsQjx1lxLU
Roger Wright 3/23/14 2:21 pm
reply to comment
runnerWow, bombs just went off at the Boston Marathon! Fortunately Bob and Mike should be ok.
Roger Wright 4/15/13 12:35 pm
runnertalked to bob, they are OK. he said it went off just about the time when michael crossed the finish line, bob was waiting for him.
Waitman Gobble 4/15/13 12:52 pm
runnerrichard, latest news is cell phone service has been intentionally shut down in boston.
Waitman Gobble 4/15/13 2:41 pm
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runnerCheck out my video on my profile!
Roger Wright 4/13/13 8:29 pm
runnerInspirational, Roger. Hopefully, this will encourage others to get out there and keep moving.
Gary Funck 4/14/13 6:51 pm
reply to comment
runnerCheck out my video on my profile!
Roger Wright 1/15/13 2:13 pm
reply to comment
runnerIs it me or is the Fit Log messed up? Looks like Sunday was repeated from last week to this week (of all the weeks to move my LSR from Sunday to Saturday! lol) and there is no Saturday listed.
Roger Wright 11/7/12 1:56 pm
runnerSomething did happen but our webmaster is getting it fix. Be sure to keep us informed of any situations we need to fix OR improve! Thanks Bob
Bob Anderson 11/7/12 1:59 pm
reply to comment
runnerYesterday, after hearing the NYC Marathon was cancelled, I wrote this in defense of my running friends on Facebook who had received abuse from both strangers and friends. My thoughts on the NYCM. First, I can completely understand the negative sentiments regarding the New York City Marathon (NYCM) being held. Hurricane Sandy was a horrific disaster that obviously affected millions of people to a degree that will never be forgotten. I am 100% certain that there is not ONE runner who does not have compassion for everyone affected by this storm and it's effects. If there is anyone that doesn't care, even non runners, then they are not human in my eyes. Life is complicated and every day we are faced with decisions that are not easily made. And some are beyond our control. Having been given the OK to run by Bloomberg and the NYRR, the runners of the New York City Marathon found themselves in a situation that they really didn't have control over. "Damned if you do and damned if you don't". The NYCM is the largest marathon in the world with approx. 50,000 runners. And because of it's size and prestige, runners come from not only every state in this country, but this year, approximately 20,000 came from other parts of the world to run it. For most of the runners it starts as a dream, turns into a goal, and becomes a non wavering commitment. They ran through blood sweat and tears, sun, rain and possibly snow, day and night, dusk to dawn, just to run ONE race. I was not registered to run this year's race but I do have many friends and family that were. I can tell you that every one of them is actually feeling a sense of relief right now that the race has been cancelled. The runners in this year's race are not selfish, evil, uncaring, apathetic or any other degrading term that they have been called this week. If you believe that, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Relatively new to the sport of running, I immediately found runners to be some of the most caring people in the world, with a large majority raising millions of dollars and awareness for charities throughout the world. And if you think it is easy to spend hours, days, weeks and months soliciting donations from friends, families, coworkers and strangers, then I sincerely encourage you to try it. Trust me, it is MUCH harder than running 26.2 miles. Hurricane Sandy is a tragedy that has few rivals in 21st century America and the victims will wear a scar on their life that will be extremely hard to ever remove. But I also believe that, to an obviously much lesser extent, that the runners of this race are also victims in one way or another.
Roger Wright 11/3/12 6:22 pm
runnerRoger Good words.
Richard Stiller 11/3/12 8:26 pm
runnerWhat you have written says it so well. Thanks Roger for taking the time to share your thoughts. They are right on...
Bob Anderson 11/4/12 5:04 pm
reply to comment
runnerHave you recoverd from Berlin? You are running the BAA Half this weekend!!! Have a good one....
Bob Anderson 10/5/12 6:30 pm
runnerThanks Bob. Got back from Germany yesterday (incredible time!) so I just updated everything. Heading out right now for an easy 5-7 with running club so see how I feel for tomorrow's BAA Half. I don't expect much for tomorrow but at least it's supposed to be cool...
Roger Wright 10/6/12 3:37 am
reply to comment
runnerCongrats! Roger you are our Ujena Fit Log winner for the week ending June 24. AND because you are a 2-star member, we doubled your winnings. $100 is on its way...it does pay to workout daily and to post daily at Ujena Fit Club...who is next? Bob
Bob Anderson 7/2/12 9:40 am
runnerThat's awesome Bob, I am so excited that I finally won! That said, I actually win every week because this Fit Log does encourages me to work out everyday, even if it's just a quick mile. Thanks Bob, you really made my day!
Roger Wright 7/2/12 7:29 pm
Shari Mernett 7/3/12 6:31 am
reply to comment
runnerRoger, did you do the half on the 18th. I didn't see your name in the results? Are you getting set for Boston?
Bob Anderson 3/26/12 10:05 am
runnerHi Bob. Always nice hearing from you - thanks for the interest!. I ended up running the New Bedford Half at 1:57:29. About what I expected with a really bad hill for the last mile. Someone should tell them to run the race the other way! lol Finished my long run for Boston over the weekend. Ran from Hopkinton to the top of Heartbreak Hill and felt good. Did 1:57 at 13.25 which is good for me. That said, the 2nd half of Boston is obviously the hard part! Congrats on your Oakland Half! You seemed a little disappointed with your 1:31 but from my perspective I could only dream of a time like that! You're awesome! :)
Roger Wright 3/26/12 2:07 pm
reply to comment
runnerGood luck on your News Year day 5k...
Bob Anderson 12/30/11 9:37 am
runnerThanks Bob. Unfortunately I pulled my left calf running a few days ago so I have been doing everything else (spin, swimming, elliptical, etc) in hopes of a recovery. First race I have ever had to cancel. Hopefully it's OK before Miami Marathon in 29 days. Happy New Years.
Roger Wright 12/31/11 11:19 pm
runnerSorry to hear this Roger...I hope you have a speedy recovery...be sure to get some massage!
Bob Anderson 1/1/12 3:53 pm
reply to comment
runnerGood job Roger...blisters can be the worse. You can run faster and on to the next one. But I am sure you had a wonderful experience. I wished I would have been there with you! Good luck in Miami...
Bob Anderson 11/6/11 6:25 pm
runnerThank Bob. Marathons are always special and obviously the New York City Marathon (NYCM) is one of the world's greatest. Regardless of my time, it was a great experience. I'm only 50 so plenty of time to improve! BTW, thanks to this site, I recognized Marshall Ulrich at the NYCM expo and had a great conversation with him about his incredible accomplishments and my weightloss/marathon story. Both he and his wife Heather are wonderful people. Only at chapter 4 of his book (Running On Empty) but very riveting!
Roger Wright 11/8/11 3:48 pm
reply to comment
runnerGood luck Roger...have a good race in New York. Tell us all about it.
Bob Anderson 11/5/11 10:23 am
reply to comment
runnerHi Roger! I finally joined up. Glad you are liking it here. Knew it would be your cup of Boston Tea.
Aneese Totah 10/4/11 10:23 pm
reply to comment
runnerI have always wanted to do a road relay and for some reason I never did one. Looks like you do several per year. They must be fun?
Bob Anderson 9/26/11 10:21 pm
runnerThey are a blast as long as you have a team who accepts that it is more about having fun instead of expecting everyone to set a world record pace. You also have to accept that you MIGHT get 2-3 hours sleep for the next ~36 hours if you are lucky, that you will probably be running through the middle of nowhere in the wee hours of the morning with only a headlamp to guide you and that the van ends up smelling like a locker room within a few hours. And those are the good things! LOL
Roger Wright 9/27/11 12:48 pm
reply to comment
runnerI just watched the new video you linked and I loved it!! Yes, happy tears again. I think what you have accomplished is truly amazing. Congratulations!
Trish Tompkins 9/22/11 4:54 pm
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UjENA FIT Club Fit Log Entries (2014) 2012

Wk #Log DateEntry TypeActualDay AvgWk TotWk PointsAcc Pnts
50 Wks 348 Days 7.0 Days/Wk Avg 1,814.5 mi 5.1 avg 35.6 avg  
50Sun 12/1410.1-12mi Run10.5 4.0 mi28.0 mi372256
 Sat 12/133.2-5mi Run or Walk4.50   252244
 Fri 12/12All Workouts 1 Hour+1   202239
 Thu 12/11Track Interval Workout 30m-1hr3   182237
 Wed 12/10All Workouts 2 Hours+4   142233
 Tue 12/9Track Interval Workout 30m-1hr4   92228
 Mon 12/8All Workouts 2 Hours+1   52224
49Sun 12/712.1-14mi Run14 5.1 mi36.0 mi472219
 Sat 12/61 Mile Run or Walk1   332205
 Fri 12/5All Workouts 2 Hours+1   322204
 Thu 12/47.1-10mi Run8   272199
 Wed 12/3All Workouts 2 Hours+3   172189
 Tue 12/27.1-10mi Run8   122184
 Mon 12/1All Workouts 1 Hour+1   22174
48Sun 11/307.1-10mi Run8 2.9 mi20.0 mi292172
 Sat 11/291 Mile Run or Walk1   192162
 Fri 11/28All Workouts 1 Hour+1   182161
 Thu 11/275.1-7mi Run6   162159
 Wed 11/26All Workouts 2 Hours+1   102153
 Tue 11/253 Mile Run/Walk3   52148
 Mon 11/24All Workouts 1 Hour+   22145
47Sun 11/235.1-7mi Run6 5.7 mi40.0 mi502143
 Sat 11/2214.1-16mi Run15   442137
 Fri 11/21All Workouts 1 Hour+1   282121
 Thu 11/207.1-10mi Run8   262119
 Wed 11/19All Workouts 2 Hours+3   162109
 Tue 11/185.1-7mi Run6   112104
 Mon 11/17All Workouts 2 Hours+1   52098
46Sun 11/1612.1-14mi Run13 4.0 mi28.0 mi402093
 Sat 11/15All Workouts 1 Hour   262079
 Fri 11/14All Workouts 2 Hours+1   232076
 Thu 11/133.2-5mi Run or Walk4   182071
 Wed 11/12All Workouts 2 Hours+3   132066
 Tue 11/115.1-7mi Run7   82061
 Mon 11/10All Workouts 1 Hour+   22055
45Sun 11/912.1-14mi Run13.1 4.6 mi32.1 mi392053
 Sat 11/81 Mile Run or Walk1   252039
 Fri 11/7All Workouts 1 Hour+1   242038
 Thu 11/65.1-7mi Run6   222036
 Wed 11/5All Workouts 2 Hours+3   162030
 Tue 11/45.1-7mi Run6   112025
 Mon 11/3All Workouts 2 Hours+2   52019
44Sun 11/22-3.1mi Run or Walk3 0.4 mi3.0 mi382014
 Sat 11/11 Mile Run/Walk   352011
 Fri 10/31All Workouts 1 Hour+   342010
 Thu 10/301 Mile Run/Walk   322008
 Wed 10/292 Mile Run/Walk   312007
 Tue 10/283 Mile Run/Walk   292005
 Mon 10/2725.1-26.2mi Run   262002
43Sun 10/263.2-5mi Run or Walk3.25 2.3 mi16.3 mi241976
 Sat 10/252-3.1mi Run or Walk2   191971
 Fri 10/242-3.1mi Run or Walk3   161968
 Thu 10/232-3.1mi Run or Walk3   131965
 Wed 10/22All Workouts 1 Hour+1   101962
 Tue 10/212-3.1mi Run or Walk3   81960
 Mon 10/20All Workouts 2 Hours+1   51957
42Sun 10/1912.1-14mi Run14 5.4 mi37.5 mi451952
 Sat 10/182-3.1mi Run or Walk2.5   311938
 Fri 10/17All Workouts 1 Hour+1   281935
 Thu 10/167.1-10mi Run9   261933
 Wed 10/15All Workouts 2 Hours+4   161923
 Tue 10/145.1-7mi Run6   111918
 Mon 10/13All Workouts 2 Hours+1   51912
41Sun 10/1212.1-14mi Run13.1 4.0 mi28.1 mi381907
 Sat 10/111 Mile Run or Walk1   241893
 Fri 10/10All Workouts 2 Hours+1   231892
 Thu 10/9Yoga 1 Hour+2   181887
 Wed 10/8All Workouts 2 Hours+4   131882
 Tue 10/75.1-7mi Run6   81877
 Mon 10/6All Workouts 1 Hour+1   21871
40Sun 10/518.1-20mi Run20 6.8 mi47.8 mi591869
 Sat 10/43.2-5mi Run or Walk4   391849
 Fri 10/3All Workouts 2 Hours+1   341844
 Thu 10/210.1-12mi Run10.5   291839
 Wed 10/1All Workouts 2 Hours+3.25   171827
 Tue 9/307.1-10mi Run8   121822
 Mon 9/29All Workouts 1 Hour+1   21812
39Sun 9/283.2-5mi Run or Walk4 6.6 mi46.5 mi501810
 Sat 9/2718.1-20mi Run20   451805
 Fri 9/26All Workouts 1 Hour+2   251785
 Thu 9/25Track Interval Workout 30m-1hr4   231783
 Wed 9/24All Workouts 2 Hours+5   191779
 Tue 9/2310.1-12mi Run10.5   141774
 Mon 9/22All Workouts 1 Hour+1   21762
38Sun 9/2110.1-12mi Run11 4.7 mi33.0 mi401760
 Sat 9/202-3.1mi Run or Walk3   281748
 Fri 9/19All Workouts 1 Hour+1   251745
 Thu 9/187.1-10mi Run8   231743
 Wed 9/17All Workouts 2 Hours+3   131733
 Tue 9/165.1-7mi Run6   81728
 Mon 9/15All Workouts 1 Hour+1   21722
37Sun 9/1412.1-14mi Run13.1 4.3 mi29.9 mi391720
 Sat 9/133.2-5mi Run or Walk3.25   251706
 Fri 9/12All Workouts 1 Hour+1   201701
 Thu 9/11Yoga 1 Hour+3   181699
 Wed 9/10All Workouts 2 Hours+3   131694
 Tue 9/95.1-7mi Run6.5   81689
 Mon 9/8All Workouts 1 Hour+0   21683
36Sun 9/718.1-20mi Run18.25 5.4 mi38.0 mi481681
 Sat 9/62-3.1mi Run or Walk3   281661
 Fri 9/5All Workouts 1 Hour+0   251658
 Thu 9/47.1-10mi Run9.25   231656
 Wed 9/3All Workouts 2 Hours+1   131646
 Tue 9/23.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   81641
 Mon 9/12-3.1mi Run or Walk3   31636
35Sun 8/312-3.1mi Run or Walk 3.4 mi24.0 mi411633
 Sat 8/3016.1-18mi Run16.50   381630
 Fri 8/29All Workouts 2 Hours+1   201612
 Thu 8/283.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   151607
 Wed 8/27All Workouts 2 Hours+   101602
 Tue 8/262-3.1mi Run or Walk3   51597
 Mon 8/25All Workouts 1 Hour+   21594
34Sun 8/2410.1-12mi Run12 4.6 mi32.0 mi371592
 Sat 8/231 Mile Run or Walk1   251580
 Fri 8/223.2-5mi Run or Walk5   241579
 Thu 8/215.1-7mi Run6   191574
 Wed 8/20All Workouts 2 Hours+1   131568
 Tue 8/195.1-7mi Run7   81563
 Mon 8/18All Workouts 1 Hour+   21557
33Sun 8/175.1-7mi Run7 4.3 mi30.0 mi351555
 Sat 8/163.2-5mi Run or Walk4   291549
 Fri 8/15All Workouts 1 Hour+1   241544
 Thu 8/145.1-7mi Run6   221542
 Wed 8/13All Workouts 2 Hours+3   161536
 Tue 8/125.1-7mi Run7   111531
 Mon 8/11All Workouts 2 Hours+2   51525
32Sun 8/1010.1-12mi Run12 5.0 mi35.0 mi451520
 Sat 8/93.2-5mi Run or Walk3.25   331508
 Fri 8/8All Workouts 2 Hours+2   281503
 Thu 8/75.1-7mi Run5.25   231498
 Wed 8/6All Workouts 2 Hours+3   171492
 Tue 8/57.1-10mi Run7.5   121487
 Mon 8/4All Workouts 1 Hour+2   21477
31Sun 8/32-3.1mi Run or Walk3 2.1 mi15.0 mi231475
 Sat 8/25.1-7mi Run7   201472
 Fri 8/1All Workouts 2 Hours+2   141466
 Thu 7/31Yoga 1 Hour+   91461
 Wed 7/30All Workouts 1 Hour+1   41456
 Tue 7/291 Mile Run or Walk1   21454
 Mon 7/281 Mile Run or Walk1   11453
30Sun 7/2726.3mi+ Run52.4 10.6 mi73.9 mi511452
 Sat 7/263.2-5mi Run or Walk4   231424
 Fri 7/253.2-5mi Run or Walk3.5   181419
 Thu 7/243.2-5mi Run or Walk7   131414
 Wed 7/231 Mile Run or Walk1   81409
 Tue 7/223.2-5mi Run or Walk5   71408
 Mon 7/21All Workouts 1 Hour+1   21403
29Sun 7/2010.1-12mi Run12 3.3 mi23.0 mi341401
 Sat 7/192-3.1mi Run or Walk3   221389
 Fri 7/18All Workouts 2 Hours+2   191386
 Thu 7/172-3.1mi Run or Walk3   141381
 Wed 7/16All Workouts 2 Hours+2   111378
 Tue 7/15Workout 1hr+   61373
 Mon 7/14All Workouts 1 Hour1   31370
28Sun 7/1320.1-25mi Run25 8.1 mi56.5 mi651367
 Sat 7/123.2-5mi Run or Walk5   401342
 Fri 7/11All Workouts 1 Hour+   351337
 Thu 7/1012.1-14mi Run14   331335
 Wed 7/9All Workouts 2 Hours+1   191321
 Tue 7/810.1-12mi Run10.5   141316
 Mon 7/7All Workouts 1 Hour+1   21304
27Sun 7/61 Mile Run/Walk1 2.9 mi20.5 mi551302
 Sat 7/525.1-26.2mi Run   541301
 Fri 7/4All Workouts 1 Hour+1   281275
 Thu 7/3Yoga 1 Hour+1.5   261273
 Wed 7/2All Workouts 2 Hours+3   211268
 Tue 7/112.1-14mi Run14   161263
 Mon 6/30All Workouts 1 Hour+   21249
26Sun 6/2910.1-12mi Run11 10.3 mi72.3 mi771247
 Sat 6/2826.3mi+ Run32.5   651235
 Fri 6/27All Workouts 1 Hour+1   371207
 Thu 6/26Yoga 1 Hour+1   351205
 Wed 6/2514.1-16mi Run15.25   301200
 Tue 6/2410.1-12mi Run10.5   141184
 Mon 6/23All Workouts 1 Hour+1   21172
25Sun 6/221 Mile Run/Walk1 7.0 mi49.0 mi561170
 Sat 6/2126.3mi+ Run30   551169
 Fri 6/20All Workouts 1 Hour+1   271141
 Thu 6/19Yoga 1 Hour+2   251139
 Wed 6/18All Workouts 2 Hours+2   201134
 Tue 6/177.1-10mi Run10   151129
 Mon 6/16All Workouts 2 Hours+3   51119
24Sun 6/155.1-7mi Run5.25 7.5 mi52.5 mi631114
 Sat 6/1420.1-25mi Run23   571108
 Fri 6/13All Workouts 2 Hours+1   321083
 Thu 6/12Yoga 1 Hour+3   271078
 Wed 6/11All Workouts 2 Hours+5   221073
 Tue 6/1010.1-12mi Run10.25   171068
 Mon 6/95 Mile Run/Walk5   51056
23Sun 6/82-3.1mi Run or Walk3.1 6.1 mi42.4 mi481051
 Sat 6/718.1-20mi Run20   451048
 Fri 6/6All Workouts 2 Hours+5   251028
 Thu 6/51 Mile Run or Walk1   201023
 Wed 6/4All Workouts 2 Hours+3   191022
 Tue 6/310.1-12mi Run10.25   141017
 Mon 6/2All Workouts 1 Hour+   21005
22Sun 6/1All Workouts 1 Hour3 4.4 mi31.0 mi381003
 Sat 5/3116.1-18mi Run16   351000
 Fri 5/30All Workouts 2 Hours+1   17982
 Thu 5/292-3.1mi Run or Walk3   12977
 Wed 5/28All Workouts 2 Hours+4   9974
 Tue 5/272-3.1mi Run or Walk3   4969
 Mon 5/261 Mile Run/Walk1   1966
21Sun 5/2525.1-26.2mi Run26.2 6.5 mi45.2 mi54965
 Sat 5/242-3.1mi Run or Walk   28939
 Fri 5/23All Workouts 1 Hour1   25936
 Thu 5/225.1-7mi Run6   22933
 Wed 5/21All Workouts 2 Hours+3   16927
 Tue 5/205.1-7mi Run6   11922
 Mon 5/19All Workouts 2 Hours+3   5916
20Sun 5/187.1-10mi Run8 4.8 mi33.3 mi41911
 Sat 5/172-3.1mi Run or Walk3   31901
 Fri 5/16All Workouts 2 Hours+3   28898
 Thu 5/157.1-10mi Run10   23893
 Wed 5/14All Workouts 2 Hours+1   13883
 Tue 5/135.1-7mi Run6.25   8878
 Mon 5/12All Workouts 1 Hour+2   2872
19Sun 5/1118.1-20mi Run20 7.1 mi49.5 mi54870
 Sat 5/102-3.1mi Run or Walk3   34850
 Fri 5/9All Workouts 1 Hour+1   31847
 Thu 5/810.1-12mi Run12   29845
 Wed 5/7All Workouts 2 Hours+1   17833
 Tue 5/65.1-7mi Run6   12828
 Mon 5/55.1-7mi Run6.5   6822
18Sun 5/41 Mile Run/Walk 4.8 mi33.3 mi45816
 Sat 5/318.1-20mi Run18.25   44815
 Fri 5/2All Workouts 2 Hours+1   24795
 Thu 5/15.1-7mi Run6   19790
 Wed 4/30All Workouts 2 Hours+1   13784
 Tue 4/295.1-7mi Run6   8779
 Mon 4/28All Workouts 1 Hour+1   2773
17Sun 4/275.1-7mi Run6.2 6.2 mi43.4 mi51771
 Sat 4/262-3.1mi Run or Walk3   45765
 Fri 4/25All Workouts 2 Hours+1   42762
 Thu 4/243.2-5mi Run or Walk3   37757
 Wed 4/23All Workouts 1 Hour1   32752
 Tue 4/223 Mile Run/Walk3   29749
 Mon 4/2125.1-26.2mi Run26.2   26746
16Sun 4/202-3.1mi Run or Walk3 3.6 mi25.5 mi30720
 Sat 4/192-3.1mi Run or Walk3   27717
 Fri 4/183.2-5mi Run or Walk4   24714
 Thu 4/175.1-7mi Run6.5   19709
 Wed 4/16All Workouts 2 Hours+2   13703
 Tue 4/155.1-7mi Run6   8698
 Mon 4/14All Workouts 1 Hour+1   2692
15Sun 4/13All Workouts 2 Hours+ 3.4 mi24.0 mi39690
 Sat 4/1210.1-12mi Run12   34685
 Fri 4/11All Workouts 2 Hours+1   22673
 Thu 4/105.1-7mi Run6   17668
 Wed 4/9All Workouts 2 Hours+1   11662
 Tue 4/81 Mile Run or Walk1   6657
 Mon 4/7All Workouts 2 Hours+3   5656
14Sun 4/614.1-16mi Run15 5.6 mi39.3 mi44651
 Sat 4/52-3.1mi Run or Walk3   28635
 Fri 4/4All Workouts 1 Hour+1   25632
 Thu 4/35.1-7mi Run7   23630
 Wed 4/2All Workouts 2 Hours+4.25   17624
 Tue 4/17.1-10mi Run8   12619
 Mon 3/31All Workouts 1 Hour+1   2609
13Sun 3/303.2-5mi Run or Walk4.25 7.2 mi50.3 mi61607
 Sat 3/2920.1-25mi Run22   56602
 Fri 3/28All Workouts 2 Hours+1   31577
 Thu 3/2710.1-12mi Run11   26572
 Wed 3/26All Workouts 1 Hour+1   14560
 Tue 3/257.1-10mi Run9   12558
 Mon 3/24All Workouts 1 Hour+2   2548
12Sun 3/2320.1-25mi Run20 6.4 mi45.0 mi53546
 Sat 3/222-3.1mi Run or Walk3   28521
 Fri 3/21All Workouts 1 Hour+1   25518
 Thu 3/205.1-7mi Run6   23516
 Wed 3/19All Workouts 2 Hours+3   17510
 Tue 3/187.1-10mi Run10   12505
 Mon 3/17All Workouts 1 Hour+2   2495
11Sun 3/1612.1-14mi Run13.1 4.8 mi33.4 mi40493
 Sat 3/153.2-5mi Run or Walk5   26479
 Fri 3/14All Workouts 1 Hour+1   21474
 Thu 3/135.1-7mi Run5.25   19472
 Wed 3/12All Workouts 2 Hours+2   13466
 Tue 3/115.1-7mi Run6   8461
 Mon 3/10All Workouts 1 Hour+1   2455
10Sun 3/91 Mile Run/Walk1 5.9 mi41.0 mi48453
 Sat 3/818.1-20mi Run19   47452
 Fri 3/7All Workouts 1 Hour+1   27432
 Thu 3/610.1-12mi Run11   25430
 Wed 3/5All Workouts 2 Hours+2   13418
 Tue 3/45.1-7mi Run6   8413
 Mon 3/3All Workouts 1 Hour+1   2407
9Sun 3/214.1-16mi Run16 5.3 mi37.1 mi49405
 Sat 3/11 Mile Run or Walk1   33389
 Fri 2/28All Workouts 2 Hours+1   32388
 Thu 2/2712.1-14mi Run13.1   27383
 Wed 2/26All Workouts 2 Hours+   13369
 Tue 2/255.1-7mi Run6   8364
 Mon 2/24All Workouts 1 Hour+   2358
8Sun 2/2312.1-14mi Run13.1 5.2 mi36.1 mi44356
 Sat 2/222-3.1mi Run or Walk3   30342
 Fri 2/21All Workouts 1 Hour+1   27339
 Thu 2/20All Workouts 2 Hours+6   25337
 Wed 2/19All Workouts 2 Hours+2   20332
 Tue 2/187.1-10mi Run8   15327
 Mon 2/17All Workouts 2 Hours+3   5317
7Sun 2/163.2-5mi Run or Walk3.25 6.6 mi46.0 mi59312
 Sat 2/1518.1-20mi Run18.25   54307
 Fri 2/14All Workouts 1 Hour+1   34287
 Thu 2/1310.1-12mi Run11   32285
 Wed 2/12All Workouts 2 Hours+2.5   20273
 Tue 2/117.1-10mi Run7.5   15268
 Mon 2/10All Workouts 2 Hours+2.5   5258
6Sun 2/91 Mile Run/Walk1 5.5 mi38.5 mi46253
 Sat 2/816.1-18mi Run16.5   45252
 Fri 2/7All Workouts 2 Hours+1   27234
 Thu 2/65.1-7mi Run7   22229
 Wed 2/5All Workouts 2 Hours+4   16223
 Tue 2/45.1-7mi Run6   11218
 Mon 2/3All Workouts 2 Hours+3   5212
5Sun 2/27.1-10mi Run8 5.7 mi39.8 mi49207
 Sat 2/112.1-14mi Run13   39197
 Fri 1/312-3.1mi Run or Walk2   25183
 Thu 1/305.1-7mi Run6.5   22180
 Wed 1/29All Workouts 2 Hours+3   16174
 Tue 1/285.1-7mi Run6.25   11169
 Mon 1/27All Workouts 2 Hours+1   5163
4Sun 1/2614.1-16mi Run15.5 5.0 mi34.8 mi45158
 Sat 1/251 Mile Run or Walk1   29142
 Fri 1/24All Workouts 2 Hours+1   28141
 Thu 1/23Yoga 1 Hour+3   23136
 Wed 1/227.1-10mi Run7.25   18131
 Tue 1/215.1-7mi Run6.00   8121
 Mon 1/20All Workouts 1 Hour+1   2115
3Sun 1/191 Mile Run/Walk1 5.0 mi35.3 mi42113
 Sat 1/1816.1-18mi Run18   41112
 Fri 1/17All Workouts 1 Hour+2   2394
 Thu 1/167.1-10mi Run9   2192
 Wed 1/15All Workouts 2 Hours+1   1182
 Tue 1/143.2-5mi Run or Walk3.25   677
 Mon 1/131 Mile Run or Walk1   172
2Sun 1/1225.1-26.2mi Run26.2 7.2 mi50.7 mi5471
 Sat 1/112-3.1mi Run or Walk3   2845
 Fri 1/107.1-10mi Run8   2542
 Thu 1/95.1-7mi Run7   1532
 Wed 1/81 Mile Run or Walk1.5   926
 Tue 1/72-3.1mi Run or Walk3   825
 Mon 1/6All Workouts 2 Hours+2   522
1Sun 1/55.1-7mi Run6.25 1.8 mi12.4 mi1717
 Sat 1/4All Workouts 2 Hours+1   1111
 Fri 1/3All Workouts 2 Hours+1   66
 Thu 1/21 Mile Run/Walk1   11
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