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Amanda McKay
I run with two of our dogs. We are a team. My goal is to enjoy my runs and push myself physically and mentally. I still am surprising myself by... View Profile
Matt Cayabyab
New to Ujena FIT Club. ... View Profile
Hronn Gudmundsdottir
New to Ujena FIT Club. ... View Profile
Paul Maina
I train six days a week, monday, Wednesday and Thursday I train twice, Tuesday and Friday I train thrice and on Saturday I train once. ... View Profile

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Posted by Bruce Gilbert
Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
Post Image

5.3 mi @ 9 min pace, really humid again, maybe cooling some by tomorrow.

Posted by Julie Snider
Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
Post Image

Ran circuit near my Aunt's home in Thousand Oaks this morning....hoping to double it tomorrow

Posted by Roger Wright
Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
Post Image

Did some intervals at the track and then ran home.

Posted by Dan Roddy
Monday, July 27th, 2015
Post Image

Started out feeling stiff like a board (7:45/mi), finished supple like a rope (6:55/mi).

run These are the type of run we live for! Good job!
Bob Anderson 7/28/15 7:05 am
Posted by Roger Wright
Monday, July 27th, 2015
Post Image

Tried to cut a 7 mile run with my niece short. Got lost in the woods and ended up with 8.25. Serves us right.

run You must have really gotten lost! One time while in college I wanted to run 25 miles and got lost. Ended up running something like 32 miles. One of my longest run ever. Not knowing where the finish line was going to be made this a nightmare. Hope yours was not a nightmare.
Bob Anderson 7/28/15 7:10 am
run Wow, 7 miles Bob? That is really getting lost! Besides having to trudge through mud, poison ivy and thorns, I always love an adventure and never really get upset about getting lost. I just felt bad for my niece who wanted an easy 6 miles and ended up with lots of hills (she's from Washington DC and I guess there's not many hills there) and a couple of extra miles. Plus it was 80 so that didn't help.
Roger Wright 7/28/15 8:09 am



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Type Name Age Location Races Post* Log*
B Heide Unger 58 Gilroy, California 28 7 20
B Dan Roddy 60 Albany, OR 18 2 4
B Bruce Gilbert 65 Overland Park KS 235 25 26
B Julie Snider 56 Carmichael, Ca 17 15 23
B Roger Wright 54 Boston 62 6 30
B Gary Greenberg 54 San Jose, CA 46   28
B Amanda McKay 51 United States 7    
B Hronn Gudmundsdottir 50 Usa 1    
B Nina Byrne 64 Detroit, MI   5 5
B Dave Nevitt 55 Dartmouth, NS, Canada 236 1 27
B Matt Cayabyab 32 San Francisco 2    
B jim barker 68 san jose ca 21 4 27
B Suzi Saunders 47 Windsor, CA 10 6 19
B Elliot Daniels 10 Campbell,CA 40   24
5S Bob Anderson 67 Los Altos, CA 385 7 7
B Sara Ibbetson 34 Missouri, USA 18 19 23
B Lee Hoyle 53 Choctaw, Oklahoma 27 3 8
B Paul Maina 32 Kenya      
B Jonathan Pappas 13 Campbell, CA 1    
B Brooke Wells 30 United States 2    
B Larry Mendez 58 Livermore,CA 1    
B Michael Wang 31 Palo Alto, CA 1    
B Darlene Culberson 57 San Jose, CA 9 1 15
B Cynthia Allgood 35 Rocky Face, GA      
B John Hofacre 63 Capitola, California 54 9 10
B Ralph Robinson 46 Indiana 17   10
B Angela Robinson 47 Indianapolis, Indiana 35 5 11
B Kathleen Hall 65 Sunnyvale, CA 4   1
B Phyllis Karsten 90 San Jose, CA 20 1 1
B Margaret Fahl 40 Aptos,CA 12    
B Glynis Crabb 67 Hollister CA USA 13 1 1
B Eric Shelton 46 United States 28 5 5
B peter chan 57 fremont, CA 26 1 1
B Flora Bergstrom 29 Gilroy, CA 42   1
B Satish Bisht 45 Santa Clara 2    
B Frances Iturburua 48 United States 8    
B Christopher Bautista 42 California 1    
B Laurie Black 54 Berkeley      
B Karin Venderbosch 29 Henrietta, NY 24    
B Bill Dunn 67 Sunnyvale, Ca 695 8 8
B Brad Chatfield 62 Lenexa, Kansas 47 5 8
B Richard Hefner 63 Gastonia, NC 134 6 8
B Asya Cabral 41 United States 38 12 18
B kelly emo 50 Campbell, CA 203 2 2
B Vicki Foshay 54 San Jose, CA 9 4 11
B Levi Phillips 49 Campbell 34   10
B Mark Freudenberg 44 San Francisco, California 11   1
B Kevin Downie 46 53    
B preet love 27 ludhiana      
B Karen Darby 43 North Carolina      

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