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Gillybh korir chumo
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Jamie Quon
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David Ellis
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Hildebrand tArnold
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Posted by Bob Anderson
Thursday, November 27th, 2014
Post Image

Walking. Resting foot for our Athens Double on Saturday.

run Salute the mound at Marathon where 192 Athenian warriors are buried.
Richard Stiller 11/27/14 8:38 pm
Posted by John Hofacre
Thursday, November 27th, 2014
Post Image

8 miles along the coast. (longer than normal so I'm ready for Thanksgiving dinner.)

Posted by Peter Mullin
Thursday, November 27th, 2014
Post Image

5K race, back to form with an 18:36 (though it is a fast course). 3 mile trot and cool down

Posted by Asya Cabral
Thursday, November 27th, 2014
Post Image

Happy Thanksgiving! Got in a great fat burning and core workout at Tae Bo class this morning. Now I'm ready for a Thanksgiving feast.

Posted by Richard Stiller
Thursday, November 27th, 2014
Post Image

Easy 8 miles around the neighborhood. Sunny, no wind. California weather.



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Type Name Age Location Races Post* Log*
B Dave Nevitt 55 Dartmouth, NS, Canada 212 1 28
5S Bob Anderson 66 Los Altos, CA 368 19 19
B John Hofacre 62 Capitola, California 41 9 9
B Peter Mullin 63 Houston, USA 131 6 14
B Gary Greenberg 53 San Jose, CA 46   25
B Asya Cabral 41 United States 26 19 22
B Richard Stiller 69 Cupertino, ca 3 16 16
B David Ellis 40 Dublin, CA 3 2 5
B Bruce Gilbert 65 Overland Park KS 225 3 16
B Barbara b 70 Livermore, CA 14 2 19
B Bill Dunn 67 Sunnyvale, Ca 678 23 26
B Danielle Zelinski 31 San Jose, CA   4 15
B Laurel Andrizzi 27 Oregon     5
B Nina Byrne 64 Detroit, MI   3 2
B Kat Powell 63 San Jose, California 107 1 1
B Brad Chatfield 61 Lenexa, Kansas 44 2 5
B Gillybh korir chumo 56 Nyaru 1    
B Dan Roddy 60 Albany, OR 15 6 9
B Jamie Quon 40 United States 1    
B Barry Sackett 45 United States 58 3 25
B Roger Wright 53 Boston 59 7 25
B Mark Freudenberg 43 San Francisco, California 6   13
B Hildebrand tArnold 34 Starweb@123      
B Nick Spector 22 California 51   2
B Rita Lumsden 57 Monterey, Ca   7 7
B Justin Kracht 35 Oklahoma City 8 5 7
B Flora Bergstrom 29 Gilroy, CA 22   2
B Melissa Hardy 9 Lawrence ks 17 1 1
B jim barker 68 san jose ca 13 4 16
B Flavian Arusei 22 Nyahururu      
B Elliot Daniels 10 United States 17    
B Eldon Regua 59 San Jose, CA 10    
B Warren Savage 55 San Jose, California 2    
B Jenny Hitchings 51 Sacramento, CA 6    
B Amy Yanni 60 Fort Myers, FL 62 4 5
B David Long 65 Rocklin, CA 95765 8    
B Nancy Hood 48 United States 2 1 3
B Elam Wangwero 26 Kenya 16 1  
B Ayde Colin 34 Santa Cruz 3   1
B kelly emo 50 Campbell, CA 159 2 2
B Abigail cannon 35 United States 5    
B Susan Wagner 54 Tonganoxie, ks 5   1
B Angela Robinson 47 Indianapolis, Indiana 21 3 10
B Dan Durham 63 Hollister, Calif   2  
B Essie Faria 79 Miami Florida      
B Paul K ibet Simbolei 35 kenya 4    
B Casey Troyer 39 San Francisco, California      
B Kim Conley 28 W Sacramento 1    
B Rachel Mitchell 23 Sacramento, CA 1    
B Alycia Cridebring 22 Sacramento, California 1    

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UD UjENA Network C Mtn View, CA Commitment $1,000
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