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Richard Kutzner
Usually run every day. ... View Profile
leonard kiprono kurgat
i train every morning so that when i compete it came easy to win the race ... View Profile
Devin Mark
New to Ujena FIT Club. ... View Profile
Devonte Abbey
I run daily about 5km and some time do weight training. Its really great feeling to being fit. ... View Profile

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Gym Day
Posted by Kathy Zoubareff
Sunday, September 14th, 2014
Post Image

I went to the gym today for 90 minutes. I worked the treadmill for 1.75 miles. Then I worked the free weights with all the men and a few machines.

Posted by kelly emo
Sunday, September 14th, 2014
Post Image

Last triathlon of the season today.. perfect weather, not too much water at Shadow Oaks in Pleasanton, now to practice my rain dance

Posted by Asya Cabral
Sunday, September 14th, 2014
Post Image

Active recovery workout from yesterday's long run; cycling and walking

Posted by Roger Wright
Sunday, September 14th, 2014
Post Image

Ran a half marathon north of Boston along the ocean with friends. Right heal hurt but was able to keep it under 2 hours.

Posted by Richard Stiller
Sunday, September 14th, 2014
Post Image

Ran and walked for 73 minutes. Tweaked calf two weeks ago. Being cautious.



UjENA FIT Club Members

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Type Name Age Location Races Post* Log*
B Nina Byrne 64 Detroit, MI   7 10
B Barbara b 70 Livermore, CA 10 7 24
B kelly emo 49 Campbell, CA 156 4 4
B Asya Cabral 41 United States 22 23 25
B Roger Wright 53 Boston 59 8 30
B Jerry Thomas 60 Salinas,CA 26   5
B Richard Stiller 69 Cupertino, ca 3 7 7
B Angela Robinson 46 Indianapolis, Indiana 19 1 5
B Richard Kutzner 71 Casa Grande Az 6    
B Justin Kracht 34 Oklahoma City 8 9 21
B Gary Greenberg 53 San Jose, CA 46   30
B Barry Sackett 45 United States 58 2 29
B Susan Wagner 53 Tonganoxie, ks 3 1 11
B Michael Gallops 49 Rowlett, Texas 3    
B Dave Nevitt 55 Dartmouth, NS, Canada 200 3 28
B Devin Mark 32 New York      
5S Bob Anderson 66 Los Altos, CA 365 12 12
B leonard kiprono kurgat 30 kilgoris 3    
B jim barker 67 san jose ca 13 2 13
B John Hofacre 62 Capitola, California 37 8 8
B Ronald Mallak 61 Kearney Missouri 12 4 4
B Michelle Forshner 31 United States 5 2 3
B Mark Freudenberg 43 San Francisco, California 6   6
B Dan Roddy 60 Albany, OR 13 4 10
B Bruce Gilbert 64 Overland Park KS 225 11 18
B Elliot Daniels 10 United States 10    
B Devonte Abbey 34 New Haven, CT      
B Moses kitelapong 26 kenya      
B olivia jimenez 16 Marina ,California      
B todd oliver 48 carmel      
B Adriana Garcia 33 Hollister,CA 2    
B Alicia Alan 28 New City, NY      
B Cristina Arreola 34 Dublin, CA      
B Bill Dunn 67 Sunnyvale, Ca 675 16 22
B Danielle Zelinski 31 San Jose, CA   3 18
B Terry Sauceda 44 Van Buren, MO 1 2 8
B JAMES LOKADON 25 kapsoya 3    
B Archana Reddy Pasham 27 United States 6    
B Jesus Rios 35 San Jose, CA 18    
B shadrack onyango Olekoyala 17 Kenya 3    
B Angelo Reyes 50 Cupertino, CA.      
B Monica Donovan 60 Sunnyvale , CA      
B Will Adams 37 United States 43 2 3
B Tom Parise 26 Stanford      
B Aaron Young 29 Sunnyvale, California 1    
B Vaibhav Singh 30 United States 1    
B David Collins 38 San Jose   1 1
B moses guerra 40 Campbell, CA 2    
B Liza Hitchner 26 Los Altos Hills 1    

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UD UjENA Network C Mtn View, CA Commitment $1,000
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