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Bill Dunn UjENA FIT Club Profile
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Morning training run with friends in Los Altos Hills Feb 20

It was a nice training run the day after the Chinese New Year 10k race. Bill Dunn, Rich Stiller and JoAnn Dahlkoetter came over to the house Feb 20 and we decided to run the 5-mile fun run course from Foothill College. Bill, Rich and Bob first met at the Fun Runs over 30 years ago, JoAnn a few years later. Mike and Waitman was getting footage for our film "A Long Run." Photos by Waitman for Ujena Fit Club
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Member NameBill Dunn
LocationSunnyvale, Ca
Years Running37 
Max Distancemarathon 
Fastest Mile4:39 (4:28 downhill) 
Current Mile5:51 
Types of RunningRoad Runner
Internet Profile Linkhttp://facebook
CommentsRunning Achievements: PR 5K 15:40, PR 8K 26:10, PR 10K 32:42, PR 10 Mile 53:34, PR 1/2 Marathon 1:11:04, PR Marathon 2:41:08, Masters: PR 5K 15:51, PR 8K 26:51, PR 10K 32:57, PR 10 Mile 56:07, PR Half Marathon 1:15:37, PR Marathon 2:54:16 
Fitness StatementI have been competing for 37 years. Have been fortunate to be a National Champion twice, Pacific Area Champion 4 times. Top 10 50-54 Masters Road Runners of the Year in 1998 by Running Times Magazine. I've run over 100,000 miles and am proud of the fact my legs still carry me through a daily run. I still run between 25- 50+ miles a week depending on my goals. Racing less but still like a challenge on occasion. 
Quote“"Like what you're doing and do what you like!"” 
Running AchievementsPR 880 Yards 2:08.5, PR 1500 Meters 4:16.5, PR Mile 4:39.5, PR 2 Mile 9:53.5, 15k 49:56 enroute to 10 mile PR. 

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Upcoming Races

Date Event Name Location Distance    
11/9/14 Clarksburg Half Marathon  Clarksburg, Ca.  1/2 Marathon  Share with Friends Share on Facebook  

Recent Races

Date Event Name Location Distance Race Time Place
10/19/14 Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon  Weott, Ca.  1/2 Marathon  01:35:40  109th 
12/22/13 Pleasanton Double Road Race  Pleasanton, Ca.  DOUBLE ROAD RACE  1:03:03  55th 
11/24/13 PAUSATF Cross-Country Championships  San Francisco  6.1 Miles  43:17  106th 

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Best Road Races Race Listing

Date Event Name Location Distance Time Age Grade Place
9/28/2013Double Road Race San Juan BautistaSan Juan Bautista, California DOUBLE ROAD RACE 1:02:50 85.89 1st Male 60-69
8/24/2013Double Road Race San Jose February 2014San Jose, California DOUBLE ROAD RACE 1:05:07 82.88 1st Male 60-69
11/22/2012Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 5kSan Jose, California 5k 19:42 85.11 1st Male 60-69
Double Racing

Double Road Race Results

NameEventRaceBib#TimePlacePointsPrize MoneyFull Results
Bill DunnPleasanton 12/23/12Double Road Race181:03:4281170.00results
Bill DunnSan Juan Bautista 9/28/13Double Road Race102701:02:50193750.00results
Bill DunnSan Jose 8/24/13Double Road Race48201:05:063330116.66results
Bill DunnPleasanton 12/22/13Double Road Race11101:03:03552525.00results


UjENA FIT Club Posts

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
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8.0 mile run on the Guadalupe Trail. Out at 36.16/9:04 pace, return at 34:02/8:30 pace. Legs coming back well from half on Sunday. Stretching, core.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
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3.0 mile run. Recovery from weekend half marathon. Legs felt good so can now get back into regular training routine for Clarksburg Half Marathon on November 9th. Didn't feel bad at Humboldt but never felt racy. Know I can run faster. Stretching, core, weights.

run You didn't race enough going into Humbolt. No surprise that you didn't feel "racy".
Richard Stiller 10/21/14 10:19 pm
run You are right Rich. Now that I have the "feel" back I'm going to give it another try November 9th at Clarksburg. I recovered quite quickly so I know I'm in good shape.
Bill Dunn 10/22/14 8:00 am
run You just need to race more. It'll all come back.
Richard Stiller 10/22/14 9:40 am
Wednesday, October 15th, 2014
Post Image

5.0 mile run w/4 strides.

run Good luck Bill...you are ready! Sub 1:31!!!!
Bob Anderson 10/16/14 8:40 am
run Thanks Bob. I'm not sure about sub 1:31 but I'm hoping it is a good solid run. The training is there. Just need to go out and execute.
Bill Dunn 10/16/14 9:59 am
run and how did you do?
Bob Anderson 10/20/14 8:54 am
Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
Post Image

6.2 mile run out on Alviso levee. A little early so a bit muddy. Stretching, core and weights.

Sunday, October 12th, 2014
Post Image

11.3 mile run . Hill loop thrown in at 7.5 miles. Felt good. Stretching, core.

Saturday, October 11th, 2014
Post Image

3 mile warmup with hills. 4x100 meter strides. 3x1600 meters@7:00.1, 6:49.3, 6:31.5. 1 mile cooldown. Strong workout. Felt comfortable.

Friday, October 10th, 2014
Post Image

7.2 mile run out on levees. Felt good. Stretching, core.

Thursday, October 9th, 2014
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7.2 mile levee run under overcast, cool skies. Stretching, core and weights.

run You are ready to run a super fast half.
Bob Anderson 10/9/14 4:21 pm
run I sure hope so Bob. I've put a lot of time and effort into training for this one particular race this year. Put all the eggs into one basket so to speak. Lot's of long runs, mileage and speed work. We have only now to wait and see what the fruits of my efforts will be!
Bill Dunn 10/9/14 5:31 pm
run The worst that happens is that you be up with an omelette.
Richard Stiller 10/10/14 3:37 pm
Wednesday, October 8th, 2014
Post Image

5.1 mile run incorporating 14x300-400 meter Fartlek intervals. Short recoveries. Last one uphill. Body rebelled most of the way so didn't push quite as hard as I normally do. Another chance Saturday. Stretching,core.

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
Post Image

7.2 mile run. Stretching, core and weights. Last full week of serious training before race taper for Humboldt Half Marathon October 19th!!!!

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runnerWow! What an amazing experience I had in Colorado the last 10 days. Trained in Byers at 5300' on a dirt road out in the farmlands east of Denver. Had the place all to myself except for a few sheep, horses, cows and even llamas. Rolling course. I felt better than I thought I would the very first day and by the end was cranking out some quick workouts. Went up to my Brother's in Buena Vista( 8000') and did one run on flat roads and felt O.K. but didn't push. Great experience that I hope to do more often.
Bill Dunn 9/15/14 9:00 pm
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runnerIn case anybody wonders where have been I am altitude training in Colorado at 5,300 feet. First day here did 10k in 52 minutes and by yesterday got the same course down to just over 49 and felt pretty good doing it. May have to run the San Juan Bautista double this next weekend. Be home tomorrow. Hill repeats 3 days ago did kick my ass!!!!
Bill Dunn 9/14/14 4:48 pm
runnerYou have to run San Juan to see how the altitude training helped. Did you get my message. Welcome back to the bay area.
Bob Anderson 9/15/14 8:33 am
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runnerMonday mornings are my 3 mile walk mornings. How enjoyable it is just to stroll along and observe things as opposed to pushing one's self on a run. I love to run and train but my recovery walk on Monday's has become a much appreciated ritual.
Bill Dunn 8/11/14 12:54 pm
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runnerGood job today by everyone who ran the 2nd San Jose Double Road Race. First time I got to see the participants instead of being one. So many smiles on all the sunny faces. Hope all of you had a great time. See you in Pacific Grove in May!
Bill Dunn 2/22/14 1:40 pm
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runnerUp early to go work at the Double Road Race in San Jose. Yes all you 60 men, I'm only working today. Have a great time everybody. The weather is going to be perfect.
Bill Dunn 2/22/14 4:54 am
runnerSee you out there Bill. Thanks so much for helping us out. Going to be a good Double! and Ujena 5k Mardi Gras Run and Kids Cup Mile!
Bob Anderson 2/22/14 5:03 am
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runnerI forgot to mention that Peter Mullin, at the young age of 63, came in second overall in the ChocoLoco 5k in a fantastic time of 17:58. Great job once again Peter.
Bill Dunn 1/25/14 4:35 pm
runnerThanks Bill! Working on keeping my 2014 AG over 90 - need to build up a buffer before the summer races here in Houston!
Peter Mullin 1/25/14 8:13 pm
runnerBill, I think I see your next career. PR Man for 60 plus runners. Gets some business cads printed up ;-)
Richard Stiller 1/26/14 1:00 pm
runnerI meant cards but PR types are cads...
Richard Stiller 1/26/14 1:01 pm
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runnerWe had two Ujena Fit Club members win races outright this morning. David Nevitt won the Groovy Great Eight 8k race in a time of 30:24. Barry Sackett ran the University of Okoboji Winter Games 10k in a time of 38:44. Congratulations to both on a job well done.
Bill Dunn 1/25/14 4:31 pm
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runnerThanks for the help today Bill...good luck in the morning at the San Jose Double....
Bob Anderson 8/23/13 9:23 pm
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runnerJoAnn and I walked the San Jose Double Course this afternoon. Pretty fast looking overall but does have a challenge each lap of a slight incline. Otherwise pretty flat. Nice to know what to expect beforehand!!
Bill Dunn 8/11/13 8:15 pm
runnerThanks Bill for some input...it's noted :-)
Gerry Elemento 8/11/13 10:33 pm
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runnerThe final standings for the 2013 Short Course Road Racing Championships ( PAUSATF) were posted this afternoon and I ended up being 2nd place overall in the 60-69 division. That's 1 place better than I did last year. Was alot of fun. Glad I was able to stay healthy. Races are 1 mile to 10k. That gives me comped entry to this series of races again next year!!
Bill Dunn 7/25/13 4:53 pm
runnerCongrats Bill...who was first place?
Bob Anderson 7/26/13 10:09 am
runnerMy friend Don Porteous. I beat him once this year but he beat me 3 times. He is really good at the short races but won't race me at the longer stuff.
Bill Dunn 7/26/13 11:41 am
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runnerColleen DeReuck, Libby James and Christine Kennedy at Denver Double Road Race this Sunday. The Double Victory Cup will be a tough one to call !!!!
Bill Dunn 7/19/13 2:50 pm
runnerIt is going to be a real race to see who is going to win the Double Victory Club...best age-graded time...good luck to all.
Bob Anderson 7/21/13 4:37 am
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runnerLondon Marathon Monday has 2 men @ 2:03, 5 men @ 2:04 and 2 men @ 2:05. Also 2 women under 2:20!!
Bill Dunn 4/19/13 5:00 pm
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runnerJust got back from a great week of camping down Santa Barbara way. Lots of running with hills, hiking and generally enjoying life.
Bill Dunn 3/23/13 9:29 pm
runnerI love "camping out" at the Fess Parker Double Tree Resort in Santa Barbara. It's tough but someone has to do it.
Richard Stiller 3/24/13 7:40 am
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runnerAs a very frequent runner of the South Bay Levee System I see alot of flying objects, mostly in the form of birds such as Egrets, Blue Herons. Red Tail Hawks, Pelicans, Kites among others. Today was a bit different in a big way due to the takeoff of 4 F-22's as I was circling the backside of the runway. Very loud, fast and powerful!
Bill Dunn 2/23/13 7:40 pm
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runnerBob, I don't see my name on the Double Road Race Lists on the Best Performances page.
Bill Dunn 2/21/13 5:57 pm
runnerI think you listed it as two races. It will show up if you combine the time and list it as the Double. You are the world record holder for 65-69...congrats!!!
Bob Anderson 2/21/13 6:46 pm
runnerYou changed it to one race result shortly after I posted it as two. It is now in my race results as one race. 1:03:42
Bill Dunn 2/22/13 7:49 am
runnerThat took care of it...
Bob Anderson 2/22/13 11:03 am
runnerThanks Bob.
Bill Dunn 2/22/13 3:31 pm
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UjENA FIT Club Fit Log Entries (2011) 2012

Wk #Log DateEntry TypeActualDay AvgWk TotWk PointsAcc Pnts
6 Wks 21 Days 3.5 Days/Wk Avg 7.1 mi 0.2 avg 1.2 avg  
6Tue 9/135.1-7mi Run 0.0 mi0.0 mi1898
 Fri 9/92-3.1mi Run or Walk(9.3)   1292
 Thu 9/85.1-7mi Run   989
 Wed 9/72-3.1mi Run or Walk   383
5Tue 9/65.1-7mi Run7.1 1.0 mi7.1 mi1280
 Tue 8/305.1-7mi Run(20.25)   674
4Sun 8/283.2-5mi Run or Walk 0.0 mi0.0 mi2168
 Sat 8/275.1-7mi Run(7.5)   1663
 Fri 8/263.2-5mi Run or Walk   1057
 Wed 8/243.2-5mi Run or Walk   552
3Tue 8/233.2-5mi Run or Walk 0.0 mi0.0 mi2647
 Sat 8/203.2-5mi Run or Walk(29.7)   2142
 Fri 8/192-3.1mi Run or Walk   1637
 Thu 8/182-3.1mi Run or Walk   1334
 Wed 8/173.2-5mi Run or Walk   1031
 Tue 8/163.2-5mi Run or Walk   526
2Sun 8/143.2-5mi Run or Walk 0.0 mi0.0 mi1621
 Sat 8/131 Mile Run/Walk(17.3)   1116
 Fri 8/123.2-5mi Run or Walk   1015
 Thu 8/113.2-5mi Run or Walk   510
1Wed 8/103.2-5mi Run or Walk 0.0 mi0.0 mi55
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